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How do we find the capacity to relate meaningfully to all that 2020 represents?

LLM Community Events, with Siva Thambisetty

Sivaramjani Thambisetty-2016

This is an online seminar series convened and led by Dr Siva Thambisetty.

Attendance is optional but encouraged.


We are back this term with another set of seminars and workshops with a variety of speakers, supported by alumni friends and colleagues. Whether you are in lockdown in London or the north of England, happy in Singapore or partying in New Zealand we hope that you experience this series as a thoughtful and guided space. Students who participated last term found  it a reliable and regular way to connect with peers on unconventional topics and glean practical information about navigating this term. A key highlight will be alumni led special sessions on dissertations and writing exams.

2pm – 3.15 or 3.30 pm on Friday

Zoom link:


Week 1 (22 January 2021)

Meet and Greet

This week is an informal catch up session with Dr Siva Thambisetty. Introduce yourself and meet LLM alumni associates from last year who are committed to working with you to make this year as meaningful an experience as it can be. 

Week 2 (29 January 2021)

Mark Vernon: The Inner Life: How Psychotherapy and Philosophy can Help

Mark is a psychotherapist and writer, with a keen interest in spirituality and inner life. He has a PhD in ancient philosophy as well as degree is physics and in theology. His latest book A Secret History of Christianity was published in 2020.

Week 3 (5 February 2021)

Alumni Associates: Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Week 4 (12 February 2021)

Marina Benjamin: Finding your Voice in Academic Writing

Marina is the author of three previous memoirs:  Rocket Dreams, short-listed for the Eugen Emme Award, Last Days In Babylon, long-listed for the Wingate Prize; and The Middlepause, Finalist for the Arts Foundations Creative Nonfiction Award. Her latest memoir Insomnia (2018) is an unsettling account of an everyday and yet deeply troubling state of lack and longing. She is senior commissioning editor at digital magazine Aeon and a consultant Fellow for the Royal Literary Fund. Along with two others she runs True North – an enterprise that works with academic writers to find the narrative and voice in their work.

Week 5 (19 February 2021)

Alumni Associates: How to Revise and Write Exams in Lockdown

(**For up  to date information on exam regulations please check official notifications. This seminar will be led by alumni recounting their experience of using feedback on formative essays, effective revision, productive use of time during take home exams etc under last year’s exam conditions**)

Week 6 (26 February 2021)

Reading Week

Week 7 (5 March 2021)

Panel: Law as Your Life’s Work: Unusual Pathways

In this session, we take a peek into different perspectives on the legal profession. Why did you embark on a career in law? Have any of those thoughts changed since the onset of the pandemic? How does the profession fit into community values? What is the relationship of the profession of law to the community it services?  Our panel will talk to you about unusual pathways in the profession they took and are on and what it means for their view of the legal profession. 

Sir Ross Cranston, Professor of Law, LSE, former High Court judge and British Labour politician. MP for Dudley North between 1997-2005

Fiona Kendall – European and Legal Affairs Adviser to the Mediterranean Hope project created by the federation of Protestant Churches in response to the influx of migrants to Italy from Africa and the Middle East.  She was previously Head of Family Law at Clarion Solicitors.

Chaloka Beyani, Associate Professor of Law, LSE. UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons since 2010.

Week 8 (12 March 2021)

Alumni Associates and LSE Careers: Applying for Jobs in a Pandemic: Alumni Associates and Kirsty Whitelock, LSE Careers

Job hunting in uncertain times and developing a career narrative that works for you can seem difficult in current times. LLM alumni associates will talk to you about their experience of interning, applying and working during the pandemic. They will be joined by LSE Careers advisor, Kirsty Whitelock who will give specific advice of what to expect in law and how to navigate the process in current times.

Week 9 (19 March 2021)

Panel: Climate Anxiety: Lawyers and/as Activists

How to make sense of change and anxiety when faced with political, legal and economic systems that are not working?  Are there any useful lessons to be learnt for climate laws from our short-term pandemic response?

Jonathan Church – Jonathan worked for 6 years as Climate Accountability Lawyer at Client Earth and is currently a PhD student at UCL. His research is on legal theory that can help address systemic challenges and design legitimate and effective national climate law.

Anthea Lawson, climate activist and author of forthcoming book The Entangled Activist (Perspectiva Press 2021)

39 Ways to Save Planet Earth: The Legal Fight: Listen to Radio 4 Show on James Thornton’s work with organisation Client Earth:



Photography with Convene (LLB & LLM)

Photography is more important than ever before. In these challenging times, sharing photos helps to connect families, friends, colleagues and clients. Photography can make you see familiar surroundings in new ways and it can also motivate you to explore new places. With all this in mind, we are inviting you to get involved in our 'Photography with Convene' initiative, another way in which Convene is bringing LSE Law together this year.

more about Convene Photography

To mark the end of the first term of the Convene@LSELaw programme, we are delighted to announce the launch of our photography course. In the first two of this four part series, LSE photographer Guy Jordan takes you through features of the camera on your phone and explores how to compose great shots. The video lessons have been created exclusively for us by Guy – they are beautifully shot, inspiring, fun and promise to transform your photos.

Check out the first two videos on the Convene@LSE Law Moodle page and have fun with them over the forthcoming vacation, wherever you are in the world.  

We would love you to share your photos with us on instagram (#lselawconvene) or by email:  (see further details on Moodle about sharing your photos). And there’s more to come: photography lessons 3 and 4 follow in Lent Term 2021, as does the Convene ‘Zoom Out’ Photo Competition.

Watch this space!