About Convene

Convene is here to help you make the most of your time at LSE Law

You have joined us to study for an LLB or an LLM degree, but being part of LSE Law is much more than attending a course. It is being part of our community of people of diverse backgrounds that share a passion for learning, enquiry, and discussion. Convene aims to be the place where that discussion happens. In a world suffering the effects of the global pandemic, our brand new programme of events is designed to bring us together to explore topical legal issues with the help of world-leading experts, to share the challenges and experiences of student life at LSE Law, and to broaden our intellectual horizons through the study of key works in law, society, and art. Most of all, Convene is here to help you make the most of your time at LSE Law.

Check out Convene when you:

  • feel like a break from the week’s classes and want to explore something new
  • would like to meet people from other years of study, or studying on other LSE Law degrees
  • are keen to hear and discuss cutting-edge legal research on topical issues
  • want to find out what the people who teach you are working on, and to join them in discussing works law, science, art, literature
  • are interested in developing your knowledge in new ways

Convene will run alongside your taught courses, with at least one or two events each week, and often more. Full details are found in the ‘What’s On’ part of this website, including information about how to register for events. Uniquely, almost all of our research seminars and reading groups are open to all LSE Law students so by taking part you will get the chance to meet people from across our community of faculty, visiting scholars and students from different courses.

Our events come under three themes:

Research seminars, where we discuss research projects with experts from LSE Law and invited speakers. Our speakers assume no prior technical or expert knowledge, so if the topic looks interesting, join in! These research-oriented events take place at least once a week. Full details may be found in ‘What’s On’ link.

Community events for LLB and LLM, where we share thoughts about challenges and experiences of life in LSE Law, and get to know each other better in a relaxed, supportive and informal setting. 

Reading groups, where we explore books, films and other topics chosen by LSE Law staff in regular term-time meetings

Last but not least, Convene is a work in progress. We have designed it with you in mind, so feel free to tell us what you think by mailing us your impressions, comments, suggestions, or queries at We would love to hear from you!