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LSE Department of Law Earns Nominations for the LSESU Teaching Awards 2021

Thursday 13 May 2021

Staff in the Department of Law would like to say a huge thank you to our student body for our nominations in this year’s LSESU Teaching Awards.

We received nominations for the department as a whole in the category of “Departmental Excellence”, and 33 individual staff members were nominated across all categories, including “Excellent Welfare and Pastoral Support” and “Inspirational Teaching”. While we may not have been selected by the awards panel for a prize, we still feel like winners thanks to the personal nominations from our own students.



Landmark Achievements at the 2021 Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

Thursday 29 April 2021

LSE Law made history at this year's 2021 Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. The team did extremely well in the oral rounds of the competition, reaching the last 8 out of 357 teams, and were also awarded an Honourable Mention under the Eric E. Bergsten Award (Team Orals).

This is the best performance that LSE has achieved in its recorded history. The previous record for LSE performance in the elimination rounds was held jointly by the teams for the 16th, 17th, 19th, and 21st Vis Moot, who each advanced to the final round of 32.

Congratulations to:

Team Members: Weiran Liu, Sophie Low, Sze Hian Ng, Yan Chuan Ng, Jiayue Ma, Qing Tang

Coaches: Ruihan Liu, Shaurya Upadhyay, Johannes Jiang


Vis Moot Team Photo (2)



LSESU Pride Alliance: Celebrating and Supporting LGBT Futures

Monday 8 February 2021

February is LGBT History Month and we are pleased to be sharing stories and experiences from across the department and the School. This week, Varsha Kanitkar, LLB student and LSESU Pride Alliance Vice President, tells us more about the LSESU Pride Alliance.

For many LGBTQ+ students, international or not, transitioning from school to university can be difficult; whether it be rebuilding support systems or perhaps having to go through the arduous process of “coming out” again to every new person you meet to establish your identity. For some, it may even be their first opportunity to openly express their sexuality. The LGBTQ+ community is full of people with different conceptions of queerness and different experiences– and it is this very thing that the LSESU Pride Alliance hopes to support and build on.

Our society is built on the notion of acceptance and openness; for this, we have different officers– such as our Trans Rep and QPoC Rep– to ensure that we can be as representative of the diversity within the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity. Our aim is two-pronged– creating a safe space for our members to interact with others, and to create opportunities to engage with pertinent issues within the LGBTQ+ community. Recently, we had socials such as painting evenings following Bob Ross’ tutorial, speed dating events with other universities, and a game night! Simultaneously, in light of Transgender Awareness Week, we held a panel that explored both the historical and legal perspective of trans rights in the United Kingdom with the Law Department’s very own Dr Sarah Trotter speaking on the conception of parenthood in family law. If you wish to join our events, you can follow our Facebook page or our Instagram (@lsesupride)!

We, along with the LSESU, will also be hosting this year’s Pride Week which will take place from 15-19 February! The week will cover a multitude of events such as a talk with Georgia Bridgers, a famous LGBTQ+ YouTuber, a panel event, and a creative showcase. If you want to join us, please sign up through the LSESU Events page.

This moment in time, more than ever, represents a poignant time for society to recognise the importance of protecting LGBTQ+ youth. The Black Lives Matter movement was a particularly poignant moment for the community as it was a moment of remembrance and recognition for the work done by black trans people to advance gay rights. And, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be particularly detrimental to the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth, and so more than ever we are striving to advocate for better resources to be allocated to providing LGBTQ-specific support to students within our community. We hope you can join our events to learn more, and if you wish to seek LGBTQ-specific resources and support– we are always here to hear you out and direct you to the right place.

 LSESU Pride Week

For more information on the LSESU Pride Alliance, click here.

On Wednesday, 17 February, LSE Department of Law is hosting a live podcast recording entitled "Celebrating LGBT+ History Month: In Conversation with Brie Stevens-Hoare QC". Click here to attend.



 LSE100: Law Student Prizes

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

 We are delighted to congratulate the following students on each achieving an LSE100 Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in the 2019 cohort:

Ananya Chandra
Charlotte Culley
Gulten Dana
Ravneet Deol
Nicola Ho
Elizabeth Jackson
Jarren Koh
Debra Grace Jia En Lim
Mythili Mishra
Harry Stallard
Chloe White
Sum Yi Nikki Wong
Nga Wai Wong
Antonio Zorzolan

The LSE100 Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement is given to students who receive marks of Distinction in all four assessments on LSE’s flagship interdisciplinary course for undergraduates, LSE100. The awards are a reflection of exemplary work across these demanding assignments.

LSE100 is designed to build the next generation’s capacity to tackle multidimensional problems through research-rich education. The course develops critical, analytical and technical skills, while giving students the opportunity to collaborate with leading academics and peers from every department within the School.



Black History Month 2020: a word from LSESU's BME Officer 

Black History Month banner with LSE, LSE Embrace and LSESU logos

This October, we are pleased to celebrate Black History Month 2020 in the LSE Law community and across the School. With the passing of Chadwick Boseman, a hero both on and off screen, LSE had selected the Black History Month theme of “Young, Gifted, and Black,” in memoriam, inspired by Boseman’s acceptance speech at the SAG Awards in 2019.

This week, LSE Department of Law student and LSESU BME Officer, Sabir Abdullahi, introduces his work in the LSE Student Union.

My name is Sabir and I am a second-year LLB Law student and the Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer for the LSE Student Union. 

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that my title  – BME officer – is inherently problematic. BME experiences are not homogenous, and the term has often been used to mask differences in lived experience and outcomes for distinct ethnic groups. 

The Black student experience, especially at institutions such as LSE, is unique. From the stark underrepresentation of Black professors to the attainment gap between Black and non-Black students, it is obvious that solutions must be more targeted. However, equally important is celebrating the rich and diverse cultures Black people belong to. Too often, Black History Month is limited to European interactions with Black people, which reduces the breadth of Black history to only one of slavery and civil rights. 

This is why I am committed to addressing the diverse experiences of the distinct groups I represent. As such, one of my main aims is to lobby the university to set targets to increase the representation of Black academic staff. Whilst there has been a lot of focus on ‘decolonising the curriculum’, these efforts remain futile until the academic staff delivering the curriculum themselves are from a more diverse background. 

I also plan to organise several events exploring the intersectionality between race and socioeconomic status, and how this impacts experiences and outcomes. 

So how can you get involved with the SU and make change? 

Ultimately, the SU and the elected officers are merely a platform for the students at LSE to have their voices heard. If there are changes you wish to make, feel free to start a campaign through the SU, table a motion at the next Union General Meeting, or reach out to any of the elected officers. 

I leave you with this final thought. 

From the first Black student at LSE in 1925 to the first Black Academic being appointed in 1938, Black excellence, even through adversity, is woven in the fabrics and foundations of the institution we see today. Although there is much work to be done, there is importance in recognising the rich contributions that have paved the path we walk today. Black history is LSE’s history.


Click here for more information on LSESU activities for Black History Month 2020

Follow the LSE Department of Law on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to keep up-to-date with our latest news and activites.



LLM Welcome Week 2020

The LSE LLM programme kicked off for the 2020/21 academic year on the 18th of September when our students came to campus to officially register on the programme. We hosted a socially-distanced meet and greet outside the Centre Building with cups of tea and biscuits so students were able to meet one another ahead of the programme starting. Legal walking tours were also available to students to orient themselves with the area and provide a local backdrop to their study.

We held various Welcome sessions for students during Welcome Week. Students received an official welcome from our Head of Department Niamh Moloney, Department Manager Matt Rowley, LLM Director Professor Conor Gearty and LLM Deputy Director Dr Jo Braithwaite. This included information on the new Convene @LSE Law initiative which looks to further build our LSE Law online community. Rachel West (Student Experience and Programme Delivery Officer) introduced some of the key components of the LLM programme, Laura Carseldine (Service Delivery Manager) talked through the course selection process, and Fiona Thomas (Assessment and Regulations Officer) spoke about LLM exams and assessment. Professor Siva Thambisetty covered Communing with 2020, a branch of Convene @LSE Law which will offer students access to exciting speakers and support from recent alumni.

In addition to School welcome activities and events, LLM students were able to sign up to an online escape room and a treasure hunt around London. An upcoming alumni panel has been scheduled and we’ll be looking to run some additional activities over the coming months.

We’re hoping our students have a positive and thought provoking year of study at LSE.





LSE Law students success in Cybersecurity Challenge

Three teams of LSE Law students brought major success back to the Department in the annual national Cybersecurity Competition the 9/12 Cybersecurity Challenge. The teams, all made up of undergraduates, competed with teams from across the UK and successfully reached the last 17 finalists who were invited to a two day finals event at the BT Tower in London on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 February. There they dealt with scenarios involving a series of fictitious cybersecurity challenges for the UK Government and presented to panels of expert judges both written and oral recommendations to deal with the imagined threat. Two teams "Networked Community" and "Seriously Serious Policy Advisors" made the overall semi-finals with "Networked Community" placing fourth overall. "Networked Community" also won the prize for Most Creative Policy Response and "Seriously Serious Policy Advisors" won the prize for Best Social Media Engagement. Congratulations to all the students and coaches involved. 




Cumberland Lodge Weekend 2020

by Toby Collis

Over the weekend of 17-19 January the Royal Parks at Windsor were abuzz with excitement. No, this was not about a certain royal ‘scandal’ brewing a mile away.  Instead over 100 LSE undergraduate, LLM, PhD and staff descended on the historic and beautiful Cumberland Lodge to talk law.


After a brief introduction to the venue and its republican history, the opening salvo was fired by Professor Martin Loughlin, who explained how we have LSE legal academics to thank for the modern doctrines of public law and why his chair in public law, the oldest in the country, was only founded in 1947 (about 200 years after similar positions on the continent).

On Saturday morning, we all went to the café. Not for smashed avocado on toast, but a Research Café to give undergraduate and masters students the chance to “speed-date” PhD and staff research projects, which hopefully gave a peek into the range of research activity being undertaken at the LSE.

We then turned to Dr Andrew Summers who explained whether the official narrative on the inequality between richest and poorest in the UK reflects reality (it doesn’t). In the afternoon we were treated to a discussion by Dr Emmanuel Voyiakis on whether there are right answers to moral questions (there are).

After a drink or two to muster some Dutch courage we took part in the famous (infamous?) legal trivia quiz. It’s the only legal quiz I’ve been to which involved building a guitar out of rubber bands and tissue boxes (the connection to the law was, at points, tenuous).

On day three, some attendees went to the royal chapel (security was tight just in case the Queen was in attendance). Others more interested in corporeal matters were treated to a careers session from those with experience in the commercial bar, public law, and international organisations. To round out the final day we had a fascinating talk from Dr Niamh Dunne on the sometimes-blunt use of EU competition law to address issues that have little to do with competition and whether the fairness test is fair (it’s not).

The students have too many people to thank for putting on a marvellous and enriching weekend. With special thanks to Rachel Yarham, Sarah Trotter and Cressida Auckland for thankless hours of administration to make it happen, and the academics for sacrificing their weekend to give their inspiring talks.




The Nth Cause: a new student-led podcast for contemporary legal debate

The Nth Cause is a new podcast forum for contemporary legal debate. We bring together experts and students to explore modern issues and uncover their root causes. In the first episode, we welcome Professor Conor Gearty and Professor Peter Ramsay from the LSE Law Department to discuss why Brexit is taking so long, what the future of the union looks like, whether the UKSC's prorogation decision was right and how a general election might change the political landscape. The creators of The Nth Cause are Taha Almasri, Nancy Hawthorn, Aisha Morsy and Aditi Tripathi. 

click here to listen to The Nth Clause 




LSE100 Law Student Prize Winners

LSE recently held our annual LSE100 Prize Giving Dinner where students were awarded prizes for exceptional academic achievements on LSE100 in 2018. Of the over 1700 students who took LSE100 last year, 84 students received the LSE100 Award for achieving straight Distinctions across all assessments on the course, while one student was awarded the Sir Robert Worcester Prize for achieving the highest overall mark on LSE100. 

This year, 14 students from the LSE Law received LSE100 awards for their excellent work and commitment to interdisciplinary learning in LSE100. Many congratulations to our prize winners! The winners were:

Nurul Binti Haslimi 
Shevan De Silva
Eu Ern Chai
Michael Elders
Jennifer Fernandez Owsianka
Shaun Fu
Darren Hon
Dan Kirchlechner
Carina Leung
Stefania Markusson
Francess Okia-Anie
May Pau
Ariana Shaw
Matthew Unsworth




Law Staff & Students Walk the Thames for Charity

A hearty, “well done” to our colleagues and students who walked the Thames Path on Saturday, from Tower Bridge to Putney, helping to raise over £19,000 for London Legal Support Trust.

“It was a fantastic day out and a really nice opportunity to bond with colleagues and students in a relaxed environment, all while taking in some of the best sights London has to offer,” said Rebecca Newman.

A special shout-out to Harriet's five-year-old son, Leo for completing the 13 mile course (with help from Mum's shoulders) and Rebecca’s dog, Ruby who definitely earned her big bowl of water and scooby snacks at the end.

The team is still accepting donations so please click here if you would like to donate and support a very worthy cause.  A gallery of photos from the day is available on the LLST website


Photo L-R: Harriet & Leo Carter, Matt Rowley, Julius Spath, Lord Justice Haddon-Cave, Rebecca Newman, (Ruby), Irina Kotanova, Marie-Christine Ludwig and Gülşen Demircan 



MSc Law & Accounting Afternoon Tea


"On Friday 22 March, the MSc Law and Accounting students and faculty went on a group outing to the British Museum where they were treated to a sumptuous afternoon tea and a highlights tour of the Museum’s vast collection entitled "Around the World in 90 minutes". Our students thoroughly enjoyed the event and were very happy to have such a wonderful tour guide, an LSE Alum no less, who was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic in explaining the history of the Museum to our largely international student cohort. This is the first time we have run this event, in lieu of an annual dinner, so we are really pleased with the students’ positive feedback. A big thank you to everyone who helped to make the afternoon such a success!" 

Rebecca Newman, Postgraduate Programmes Administrator


LLM Dinner

The LLM Dinner, March 2019, was a great success this year. We want to thank everyone who attended; you all contributed to making the night so special. A big thanks to our PGT Committee for organising such an inspiring speaker, and to Michelle Henrikson from the Law Department who did such a terrific job of organising the event. We hope our students felt it was a memorable way of commemorating their year of study.



LSE Law Football Tournament 

On Wednesday 20 March 2019 the Law Department held its first Staff-Student football tournament. Congratulations go to the LLM’s “Pitch Regulators” team who won the tournament after a tough final against runners up “Barce-law-na” made up of first year LLB students.  Thanks to everyone who took part and we hope to repeat the tournament next year. 




Cumberland Lodge Weekend 2019 


A warm thank you to all speakers, attendees and staff who joined us at Cumberland Lodge in January 2019. We hope you had a weekend full of interesting lectures, thoughtful conversations and, of course, fun moments. Congratulations to the winning team of the Legal Trivia Challenge and see you next year!

“We had some fantastic lectures on a variety of topics. The research café on Saturday morning was a particular highlight with staff and PhD students discussing their current research. It was a great opportunity to hear fresh insights and answer questions from masters and LLB students. We were also given some free time on Saturday afternoon, and many took the opportunity to go to Windsor Castle. Staff and students all mingled playing table-tennis, pool and table football in the evening. There was healthy competition and thankfully no fall-outs from the activities!” 

John Taggart, PhD Student in Law 




Alumni Panel Event

On Friday 12 October the LSE Department of Law postgraduate team hosted an alumni panel event in the Sheikh Zayed Theatre. 

Recent LLM and MSc Law and Accounting alumni were available to the new postgraduate cohort to discuss their experiences studying at LSE, and share their different career paths.

The panellists included Federica Vons, LLM Information Technology, Media and Communications Law 2015/16, who is currently Legal Manager for Europe ZX Ventures; Matias Rodriguez, a lawyer from Chile, who currently studies a PhD at the University of Bristol; Anjali Srinivas, currently a Senior Associate at the world’s leading hedge fund; Alison Martyn, an Australian qualified lawyer now working in the UK Government Legal Department in the public law litigation division; Diego Saco-Hatchwell, qualified Peruvian lawyer specialised in Corporate and Commercial Law; Enrique Bravo-Garcia, who works for Generation Initiative, an EU policy think tank based in London and Igor Ribeiro de Oliveira, who works at First Sentinel.  Their views and experiences were well received by the audience. 


One of the panellists commented, "Thank you for the lovely event last Friday. It was great to be back at the LSE and speak to such motivated and brilliant students."

Thank you to the panellists, Rebecca, Michele and Matt for organising and hosting such an interesting event.



LLB Welcome Reception

Thank you to the LLB team for organising a fantastic LLB Welcome reception at Inner Temple last week, and for all the staff and students who attended.  Among some of the superb speeches were Professor Niamh Moloney, Professor Peter Ramsay and LSE SU President Natalie Tsang!   






LSE in the Hague 


On 11 June 2018, a group of 12 LLM and ELLM students travelled to The Hague with Associate Professor Dr Devika Hovell for three days to engage with judges and practitioners working in international courts, tribunals and organisations.

The trip involved meeting judges from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC), including (from the ICJ) the Vice-President of the Court Judge Xue Hanquin, Judge Peter Tomka and Judge Giorgio Gaja, and (from the ICC) Judge Bertram Schmitt. The students also met with Ms Meital Nir-Tal, Legal Adviser to the Embassy of Israel in The Hague and the Palestinian Ambassasor, Mrs Rawan Sulaiman at the Palestinian Mission to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There were conversations with Mr Andre Stemmet, Legal Counsellor to the South African Embassy in The Hague and several prosecutors at both the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals and the International Criminal Court, including Katrina Gustafson (Senior Appeals Counsel, MICT); Carol Gammie (Legal Officer, MICT), and Julian Elderfield (Assistant Trial Lawyer, ICC). 

click here for a full report on the Hague visit



The LSE Law Families Scheme


The LSE Law Families scheme is a new opportunity for LLB students to get to know one another, and to help support each other through their LLB journey at LSE.  The LSE SU Law Society initiated the Law Families mentoring scheme, and has since collaborated with the LSE Law Department to support and drive it for the LSE Law LLB community.

All LLB students from will be allocated to one of the six LSE Law Family groups.  These are called: Bailey, Lincoln, Grey, Temple, Justice and Crown.

Each Family is encouraged to meet in a few weeks’ time to elect a Family Committee to discuss events which they might like to organise during the academic year.  The Department will provide funding towards social events, and will also run a competition to see which Family can fundraise the most money for a charitable cause. Within each Family there are mentoring opportunities for first year students with second and third years. 

The LSE Law Families Scheme is a student led initiative, and students are all encouraged to develop their own family tradition in the way they would most like!

First year students should have already received an email telling them to which Family they belong.  Second and third LLB students – stay tuned for finding out yours!



ELLM Annual Dinner

The Executive LLM Annual Dinner On a rainy December evening in London, at the hallowed Inner Temple, a tradition was born. The first annual ELLM Alumni Dinner, bringing students, faculty and honoured guests together for an evening of fine food and drink, took place. This dinner was a welcome respite from the rigour of the ELLM programme. Packing an entire term into one intensive week of classes leaves little time for socialising. By the end of the week, most of us are all too eager to get back to our “other” lives. So, this mid-week event was ideally situated. It was good to see so many faculty members in attendance. Teaching for five to six hours a day for five consecutive days is in itself a Herculean challenge. LSE really does have the best-of-the-best teaching these modules, and for that we are all grateful. The evening moved at a brisk pace. Speakers – mercifully – cabined their comments. Far and away, the highlight of the evening was guest speaker, Sir Ross Cranston’s, talk. Educated at Queensland, Oxford, and Harvard, the recently retired High Court judge, former Barrister and current LSE professor, regaled the crowd with a talk about the history of the study of law at LSE. His message was clear: we are expected to live up to – or exceed – LSE’s historically high expectations. Nothing less is expected of LSE law graduates. His talk was inspiring. Sir Ross typifies LSE’s teaching staff – erudite yet approachable.


One of the highlights of the ELLM Programme for many of us has been the interaction and networking with other international students. This is one of the many reasons behind the newly formed ELLM Alumni Association. Having so thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the opportunity to study at LSE, a group of 2016 and 2017 graduates, along with a few soon-to-be graduates established the Alumni Association. The goals of the Association are many. Like any Alumni Association, keeping its graduates involved with the alma mater is key, not only for the ongoing success of the programme, but to maximize the benefit to each individual who passes through the LSE’s halls. An ongoing connection is invaluable. The Association has many plans to keep its Alumni involved, including developing a mentor programme for newly accepted students. The day before the dinner saw several ELLM students graduate. The programme saw its first graduates in December 2016. One of these was Winluck Wahiu. Winluck entered the ELLM programme already an expert in constitutional law, design and reform, democratic governance, peacebuilding and international human rights. A dual citizen of Sweden and Kenya, where he is also admitted to the bar, Winluck brought with him his considerable experience working with international institutions, including the United Nations and the African Union. His many accomplishments include having been in the South Sudan working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to strengthen how the national courts of law could respond to widespread human rights violations in the context of its brutal civil war. A true Executive LLM success story, Winluck is now engaged in doctoral research in constitutional law on the LSE’s prestigious PhD programme. When asked about how the ELLM programme affected him, Winluck stated “I would not have considered doctoral study without the benefit of the understanding I gained from the ELLM, regarding how far empirical inquiry into comparative constitutional law has advanced and the incredible opportunities available to re-examine the importance of constitutions in deeply divided states.” Winluck described his experience in the ELLM as “singular”. He explained that the ELLM provided him with the “space and tools to build a new theory for what I was doing in the field, to ask what lawyers like myself think they are doing and could do better when they provide expertise with constitutional law problems in different countries.”



LSE Law welcomed Rokhaya Diallo to Cumberland Lodge


On 30 March 2018, LSE Law hosted  its annual staff/student away weekend at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park. The weekend involved  a series of talks given by both members of the Department and external speakers, on a wide range of legal topics to an audience of students and faculty members. The weekend also included a quiz, a Research Café where students discussed research of the LSE staff members, and a Careers session with the students. 

The programme included departmental talks delivered by Nicola Lacey, Conor Gearty and Andrew Murray. This year, we were particularly fortunate to be welcoming Rokhaya Diallo, journalist, award-winning film-maker and activist, to speak about the future of race relations in Europe.



She@Law Speaker Series


On 24 March, LSE Alumna Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu presented on "Promoting Women and BAME Leadership in the Legal Profession" 

Shola is a dual qualified lawyer with broad corporate and commercial experience in the financial services industry with key focus on corporate investment banking and asset management.

Shola provided students with an engaging and interactive talk on professional growth and development through strategy and career insights.We took on board herthree Es: #educate #emulate #empower 

I was great to have Shola back at the LSE and thank you to Sonya for organising!  



Witness for the Prosecution


Early into Lent Term 2018, LSE Law students and staff enjoyed a trip to County Hall theatre to see Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution.  No-one saw the twist at the end coming!



LLB Wellbeing week 2018


From Monday 19 February - Friday 23 February, the LLB team organised a rewarding LLB Wellbeing week for LLB students.  The week kicked off with a delightful LLB Wellbeing breakfast on Floor 8 of the NAB, where students came for breakfast with staff in between their lectures and classes.  It was a great chance for students to catch-up with staff in a relaxed setting.

The week comprised Exams Techniques, Mindfulness and Overcoming Perfectionism Workshops.  LSE Law students also received stress relief in the form of free back rubs! The meet and greet session with the SSLC (Staff Student Liaison Committee) representatives was also a great success. Students had a chance to find out about the SSLC, and how SSLC reps ensure student concerns are addressed in the running of their programme.  The Department of LSE Law and the SSLC reps have been working really closely together this year, to improve the student experience.

We finished the week with Puppy Therapy on Friday afternoon, where students had a chance to spend some time with some dogs from All Dogs Matter, and raised £52.74 for the charity.  Thank you for your donations!  

The Exams Techniques Workshop was led by Dr Sonya Onwu, LSE Laws Director. Sonya is the Director of the Department’s undergraduate Legal Academic Writing Skills (LAWS) programme.  Sonya joined the LSE last September, in a role which for her, pulls together her experience of teaching legal skills with her experience of curriculum design, and teaching of substantive modules.  Students can book appointments with Sonya via LSE For You to chat through their legal essays, be it in planning, structure, or writing process, or guidance on feedback. 



LLB Options Fair 


The LLB options fair proved useful for first and second year students deciding which options to choose to study in their following year.  Students found the opportunity to hear the course structure from the course conveners themselves most useful, as it provided a realistic perspective of what to expect while studying.  Thank you to all the LLB students who came, and the staff and academics for organising such informative sessions.  



Final Year LLB Dinner


On Thursday 8 February, final year LLB students enjoyed their final LLB dinner at Inner Temple Hall.  The dinner was a celebration of students' three years studying at the LSE as a part of the LSE Law community, and a great chance to socialise with peers and staff in a wonderful setting.