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Instant Feedback Form

We run an annual user satisfaction survey. Everyone who is currently, or has completed, a course (or received a service) in a particular calendar year is contacted and invited to take part.

This form is intended for those who wish to give feedback outside of the 'survey time' which is usually early February each year.

Please remember, if you prefer to speak to someone in person and are registered on a course with us, you can always speak with your teacher or go to office hours for the course in question to give your feedback or to talk about anything that concerns you about your course of language learning in general.

You can submit this form anonymously. However, if you give your contact details it will give us the opportunity to contact you should you raise any points that warrant further investigation.

We do respect your right to give feedback anonymously but please bear in mind that it is often difficult to investigate comments if few details are given. So, where possible, please give as much information as you can for instance module code, class number and teacher name.

This form is for general feedback. We hope that you will be happy with your chosen course but if any circumstances arise with which you are not happy then we follow the LSE Service Complaints Procedure which provides a framework to help to resolve any issues. Where it is appropriate to do so, a complainant should, in the first instance, attempt to resolve his/her complaint though informal discussion with those directly involved in its subject matter. If it becomes clear that the informal stage is not going to be effective, then the formal stages below should be instigated at the earliest opportunity.

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