The Fred Halliday language award

We organise study trips for Language Centre students.

These trips will reinforce, enhance and contextualise your learning. We organise annual trips, a summer programme (Mandarin) and a year abroad on both our BSc programmes.

The trips can include meetings with:

  • government representatives
  • politicians
  • journalists
  • diplomats
  • NGOs and officials

All of which can give a rare and valuable insight in to the culture, politics and economics of the country of the language you are studying.

In addition to study trips there are also some organised language tuiton programmes that are either a formal, or informal, part of a course or programme.     

Who was Professor Fred Halliday      

Professor Fred Halliday, a world-renowned International Relations Professor

  • a committed linguist
  • advocate of the centrality of language to understanding contemporary globalisation
  • he was competent in twelve languages, including Latin, Greek, Catalan, Persian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic and English          

The Language Centre have named this language award in honour of Professor Fred Halliday to honour and remember his commitment not only to the languages as central to the study of International Relations, but his enormous contribution to the LSE and his field of research.       

Eligible students

  • current students on the BSc Language, Culture and Society
  • current students on the BSc International Relations and Chinese