Using infographics to explore Politics Without Violence

LSE Knowledge Exchange Impact fund project

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These infographics by Colombian artist Karen Chimilla take a complex theoretical discussion of the Weberian state and link it back to essential dimensions of our private and social lives.

Academic theory can easily seem distant from day-to-day life. The language, formats, and spaces in which it circulates can be intimidating to non-academic audiences, hindering access and understanding. This is where the LSE Knowledge Exchange Impact (KEI) service comes in, supporting initiatives that make research more relatable and engaging for the wider world.

Thanks to LSE's KEI support, we have been able to take an original approach to our research professor Jenny Pearce's new book Politics Without Violence, which offers a radical new lens on politics, the state, and the political by rethinking their relationship to the theory and practice of violence.

We have collaborated with Colombian artists Karen Chimilla and Juan La Rotta of Maneki-neko Excéntrica Casa de Diseños to transform this complex discussion into a series of infographics. These illustrations not only facilitate understanding of the theory itself, but also demonstrate how deeply it relates to essential dimensions of our lives as individuals and as a society.

politics-without-violence-infographic 1

politics-without-violence-infographic 2

politics-without-violence-infographic 3

politics-without-violence-infographic 4