Latin American Trade in the Age of Climate Change

Impact, Opportunities, and policy options

Canning House and the LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) have partnered in the establishment of the Canning House research Forum hosted at the LSE. The Forum is a five-year rolling programme of research and policy engagement. The overarching theme is "The Future of Latin America and the Caribbean," with a focus on the United Kingdom-Latin America relations.

The impact of climate change will be more devastating in Latin America than in most parts of the world, also influencing the region’s ability to trade and its long-term export prospects. In his report, Dr Amir Lebdioui, discusses how the region can cope with the long-term trade effects of climate change as well as exploit the potential trade opportunities that arise from the global decarbonisation agenda. The event aims to discuss the report's findings and policy recommendations, the pathways for regional cooperation around green transformation and industrial policy, and the suitability of a Latin American Green Deal to support the transition to sustainable, competitive, and inclusive economies in the region.

You can read Dr Lebdioui's complete report here and watch a recording of the event here. Puede encontrar el reporte en Español acá. Você pode encontrar o relatório em português aqui.