Violence, Security, and Peacebuilding

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Politics without Violence? Towards a Post-Weberian Enlightenment

Pearce, J (2019). Rethinking Political Violence, Palgrave Macmillan.

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To End the War in Colombia: Conversatorios among Security Forces, Ex-Guerrillas, and Political Elites, and Ceasefire Seminars-Workshops for the Technical Sub-Commission

Schirmer, J. (2019). In P. Policzer (ed.), The Politics of Violence in Latin America. University of Calgary Press.

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Protracted warfare, mutating violences and unequal insecurities: from making to building peace in Colombia

Pearce, J. (2018). In R. McGinty, & A. Odeslam, Comparing Peace Processes. Routledge.


Emotional histories: a historiography of resistance in Chalatenango, El Salvador

Pearce, J. (2018). In M. Macloud, & N. Marinis, Emotional Communities.

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Under Threat: Working in Dangerous Environments

Pearce, J. & Loubere, N. (2017). In G. Crawford, L. Kruckenberg, N. Loubere, & R. Morgan, Understanding Global Development Research.

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Endangered City: The Politics of Security and Risk in Bogotá

Zeiderman, A. (2016). Duke University Press. 

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Gangs, Guns, and the City: Urban Policy in Dangerous Places

Jones, G. A. & Rodgers, D. (2015). In C. Lemanski, & C. Marx, The City in Urban Poverty. Palgrave Macmillan.

Academic articles

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Primer Reporte de Monitoreo La Seguridad Humana de las Comunidades de Medellín en tiempos del COVID-19

Benjumea, Y., Pulgarin, A., Quintero, G., Hernández, B., Tejada, J. M., Zuluaga, L., Angarita P. E. and Colak, A. A. (2020)

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Connections: Safe spaces for women and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean

Cañas, P. E. A. and Henao, S. C. (2019) CLASCO.

Prologue by Pearce, J. and chapter co-authored by Abello Colak, A. and Cañas, P. E. A.

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Post-war and Non-war Violences: Learning about Peace and Peacebuilding from Latin America

Pearce, J and Perea, C M (2019) Journal of Peacebuilding.

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Ethnographies and/of violence 

Jones, G.A. and Rodgers, D. (2019)


The Struggle for Gendered Peace and LGBT Rights in Colombia

Oettler, A. (2019) Violence, Security, and Peace Working Papers, no.2, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre.


Elites and Violence in Latin America: Logics of the Fragmented Security State

Pearce, J. (2018) Violence, Security, and Peace Working Papers, no.1, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre.

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Security from Below' in Contexts of Chronic Violence

Abello Colak, A. and Pearce, J. (2018). IDS Bulletin. 

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Securing the Global City?: An Analysis of the ‘Medellín Model’

Abello Colak, A and Pearce, J. (2015)  Participatory Research Conflict Security and Development.

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The Role of Criminal Actors in Neighbourhood Governance

Abello Colak, A, and Guarneros, V. (2014) Urban Studies. 


Becoming the Baddest: Masculine trajectories of gang violence in Medellín

Baird, A. (2017). Journal of Latin American Studies.


The demonic genius of politics? Social action and the decoupling of violence and politics

Pearce, J. (2017). International Journal of Conflict and Violence.

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Ideology in Armed Groups

Schubiger, L. I. & Zelina, M. (2017). PS: Political Science & Politics.


International Conventions and Nonstate Actors: Selection, Signaling, and Reputation Effects

Skrede Gleditsch, K., Hug, S., Schubiger, L. I. & Wucherpfenning, J. (2016). Journal of Conflict Resolution.


Disappearing dissent? Repression and state consolidation in Mexico

Weintraub, M., Osorio, J. & Schubiger, L. I. (2017). Journal of Peace Research.


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