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LSE-Stanford-Universidad de los Andes

Papers on Long-Run Development in Latin America

Work on the political economy of Latin America is on the verge of a major breakthrough where collaboration between historians, political scientists, economists, and other social scientists will produce a new understanding of the most complex social issues of our time.

Professor Jean-Paul Faguet, LSE

SKILLS adam-sherez-unsplash-747x100Session 1: Skills

PUBLIC ECONOMY steve-johnson-747x100

Session 2: Public Economy 

ETHNIC IDENTITY andrew-ridley-unsplash 747x100

Session 3: Ethnic Identity

CORRUPTION hands money 747x100

Session 4: Corruption

CONFLICT 2 ash-from-modern-afflatus-unsplash 747x100

Session 5: Conflict 1

Session 6: Conflict 2

SOCIAL INEQUALITY lennons-daughter-unsplash 747x100

Session 7: Inequality & Social Order


Session 8: Land Institutions