Kauê  Lopes Dos Santos

Kauê Lopes Dos Santos

Visiting Research Fellow

Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC)

English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Key Expertise
Comparative Urban Studies, Urbanisation in the Global South

About me

Kauê is dedicated to the study of urban spaces located in the Global South. He addresses topics related to urbanisation process, the internal organization of the urban economy, and some of its social and environmental impacts, focusing on Latin American and West African cities.

During his undergraduate in Geography at USP (2004-2007), Kauê researched the impacts of the Brazilian financial system on the less capitalized urban economic activities of Sao Paulo (Brazil). In his Master’s in Habitat at USP (2009-2011), he analysed the effects of the Brazilian financial system on the consumption pattern of the low-income population living in Sao Paulo outskirts.

In his Ph.D. in Human Geography at USP (2013-2017), he studied different economic activities of Ghana, considering its connections to the international market, with particular focus on the urban economy of Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Tamale, and Bolgatanga. During his time as a doctoral student, Kauê spent one year as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley (2015-2016).

Currently, in his postdoctoral research, he compares the e-waste (WEEE) global value chain in Sao Paulo, Accra, and London. He also aims to understand how these activities are related to the consumption standards of its urban populations and the environmental impacts that they generate in the territories where they occur.

Expertise Details

Comparative Urban Studies; Urbanisation in the Global South; Urban Environment; Urban Economy