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Canning House

The Canning House Research Forum and Lecture Series at LSE

The Canning House Research Forum

Canning House and the LSE’s Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) have partnered in the establishment of the Canning House Research Forum, hosted at LSE. The Forum is a five-year rolling programme of research and policy engagement, consisting of project outputs as well as events.

The overarching theme is, “The Future of Latin America and the Caribbean”, with a focus on United Kingdom (UK) - Latin America relations. Their joint expertise will see the production of a series of individual, policy-focused research projects aiming to advance knowledge and offer insights of practical application to political, economic, social, and business policy-making. 

Numerous associated events will also take place in the UK and Latin America, directed at academia, governments, businesses, think-tanks, and private individuals, to present, discuss, and build upon the findings of the research for practical policy. The aim of the joint Forum is to develop ground-breaking research that will progress the policy agenda on UK-Latin America relations.

The Canning House Lecture Series at LSE

Canning House and LSEs Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) are also combining forces to deliver The Canning House Lecture Series at LSE. The Lecture Series will offer a unique high-level knowledge sharing platform for Latin American Presidents, or their Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs or Finance, when visiting the UK.

Speakers are invited to present their government programmes and perspectives on bilateral and international relations. LSE and Canning house will convene a distinguished audience of Ministers and Parliamentarians, diplomats and officials, businesses and investors, think-tanks, academics and students for the talks.

Both LSE and Canning House have experience in hosting Heads of State: Canning House has included Latin American Presidents in their lectures for more than 20 years – including Presidents Menem, Chávez, Toledo, Peña Nieto, and Duque, among others. LSE has hosted Presidents Bachelet, Piñera, Lula, Cardoso, Correa, Fox, Zedillo, Varela, and Santos.

Canning House’s mission is to build understanding and relationships between the UK and Latin America. LACC aims to promote LSE’s research and engagement on themes relevant to the region, while supporting knowledge exchange between key stakeholders. Together they aim to illuminate findings that can impact policy for development.