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LSE-NEV Workshop

Peacebuilding, Human Rights, and Democracy 

The Latin America and Caribbean Centre recently hosted a joint workshop in São Paulo with the Núcleo de Estudos da Violêcia (NEV-USP).

Prof Sergio Adorno, Director NEV and Prof Gareth Jones, Director LACC opened up  the two day conference introducing the work of the Núcleo de Estudo da Violência and the Violence, Security and Peace Network followed by presentations from Prof Marcos AlvarezBruno Paes Manso (NEV) and Prof Jenny Pearce (LACC). 

Nev_Gareth 747 x 420The second day of the conference saw a series of five debates on Legitimacy and Violence, Policing in the City, Co-production, Co-creation of Security, Future of the Network and New Frontiers of Data. 

The two day workshop closed with a public event on Peacebuilding, Human Rights, and Democracy.  The panel debate looked at experiences across the region, understandings of leading issues that contribute to violence and insecurity, the experiences of and possibilities for peace building, and the implications for human rights under contemporary democratic politics.

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