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Brazil: fostering entrepreneurship

Hosted by the Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC)

Alumni Theatre, New Academic Building


Edu Lyra

Edu Lyra

Social Entrepreneur and Founding Director of Gerando Falcões Institute


Professor Gareth A. Jones

Professor Gareth A. Jones

Director, Latin America and Caribbean Centre

Edu Lyra grew up in a favela in Guarulhos, Brazil. He is the author of the book Jovens Falcões and founded the Gerando Falcões Institute. The institute, through more than 20 social programmes, works with thousands of families in the community through education focused on sports, culture, professional qualifications and income. In recognition of his work, Edu was selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the 15 young Brazilians changing the world, as part of Global Shapers.

Join the LSE Brazilian society in conversation with Edu, to discuss his work and the fostering of entrepreneurship in Brazil.

Please note this event will be in Portuguese.