Creating a hyperlink to a bookmark

What is a bookmark?

In FrontPage, a bookmark is a place on a page. By bookmarking text you can direct users to a specific place on a page.

When would I need to use one?

How do I create a bookmark?

  1. Select the text you want to use as a bookmark.

  2. Select Insert > Bookmark from the main toolbar.

screenshot of Bookmark dialogue box

You'll see that the text you selected has also become the name of the bookmark. 

On any page, bookmark names have to be unique but there is also another constraint you should be aware of. Our best practice advice is not to have blank spaces in file or folder names and this advice also applies to bookmark names. The reason is that some browsers don't understand bookmark names that contain spaces and clicking the link won't scroll the page. To avoid this problem, either remove all the spaces or separate the words using hyphens - or underscores _. 

Note: FrontPage 2003 will automatically insert underscores between words when you create a bookmark.

  1. Click OK to create the bookmark. You'll see in FrontPage that the bookmarked text has a broken line beneath; this doesn't show in the browser.

    Now that you have a bookmark on the page you can create a hyperlink to it.

  2. Select the text that you want to become a link to a bookmark.

  3. Click the Insert Hyperlink icon on the main toolbar (it's the globe with a link underneath). The Insert Hyperlink window will appear.

screenshot of Insert Hyperlink dialogue box


  1. Select the page from your FrontPage Web in which the bookmark is on and then click the Bookmark option in the right column.

    Screenshot of Select Place in Document dialogue box
  2. From the Select Place in Document box, click on the bookmark you wish to link to
  3. Click OK.

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