Creating a hyperlink to another of your pages

  1. Select the text you want to become a hyperlink.

    The text you select should exactly match the name of the page it will link to. This may mean rewriting the text a little. For example instead of typing 'Click here for more information', you should use 'See <name of page> for more information', and select <name of page> as the hyperlink

  2. Click the Hyperlink icon (it's the globe with a link underneath).

  3. When the Create Hyperlink window appears, select the file you want to link to.

    FrontPage lists first all the pages that you have open for editing. This can be a useful feature if you have open a page within a subfolder that you want to link to as it saves you having to open the subfolder in which it is stored. If you want to link to a page within a subfolder of your Web that isn't already open, just double-click the subfolder from the list and then select the relevant page.

  4. Click OK.

screenshot of Create Hyperlink dialogue box

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