Adding 'Quick links' style tables

If you want to add a new two-row 'Quick links' table, you'll need to set the correct style value to an ordinary two-row table. The production process will transform the look-and-feel automatically.

All you need to do is:

  1. Insert a two-row table as normal,  right-click anywhere in the table and select Table Properties

  2. Under Layout, change the settings for Cell padding to 5, Cell spacing to 0 and Borders to 1. Click OK

  3. Click the Style button when the properties window appears. In the Class field you should enter template-box

  4. Click OK and OK again to close the properties window

screenshot of Modify Style dialogue box

  1. In the top row type the title of the box, eg News, Latest, 'Quick links'

  2. Set this row as the Header cell by right-clicking within the row and selecting Cell Properties. From the Layout area set the horizontal alignment to Left and then click in the Header cell box.

  3. Drag across all the cells with your left mouse and right click over the highlighted area

  4. Select Cell Properties

  5. Under Layout, Vertical alignment, change the setting from ‘Default’ to ‘Top’ from the drop down list

  6. If you are adding quick links you can insert a midi dot at the beginning of each one by holding down the Alt key and selecting 0149 from the number keys

  7. Type the name of the page you want to link to and create a hyperlink in the usual way

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