Log analysis


Access to the server hosting the LSE website is logged continuously. On a monthly basis, these logs are analysed to produce usage reports for the LSE website as whole and for specific websites within it as recommended by web editors. The first report was published in September 1999 and new reports are published in the first week of every new month. All reports are collected together at LSE Web server log analysis.

Reports are organised by year and then by website with three reports for each: one for all usage, one for internal usage, and one for external usage. Each report is preceded by a summary of daily and monthly usage for the latest and preceding months. Totals are provided for the following variables:

From the summary, each report for a given month starts with a detailed summary followed by seven sections:

Requesting a report

If you would like reports to be generated for your website or another part of the LSE website, please email lsewebsite@lse.ac.uk.

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