Review your current site

Now that you know who your audiences are and what you're trying to achieve with your site, look at your current situation.

You may need to survey your audience's opinions, or canvass for anecdotal evidence. Remember, though, that you can't rely on the accuracy of anecdotal evidence. For instance, some users said they liked the Library website; but when they were given core tasks to achieve they didn't always find the information easily. Users might be so used to the status quo that they don't realise it could be improved.

You could also review your current website usage by looking at the LSE Web server log analysis available for your site. (Ask Web Services for further details.)

It's a good idea to consult colleagues within your team, and colleagues who aren't in your team but use your website a lot. They might have useful insights, or suggestions to improve problems that have bothered them for a while but that they've never mentioned. It will also help them to feel involved, and to buy in to the improvements you're trying to make.

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