Implications and considerations

Allow lots of time for the project - it takes longer than you might think. Once you've set a deadline, it becomes awkward to miss it because of other people's reliances - be realistic when you set it.

Think carefully through all the implications of any restructuring decision. Will it make any processes more difficult or complex? Will it affect other people or teams? Are there any technical considerations? Find out if there are any external factors that might influence your restructuring decisions - eg the School template changing; departments merging; School strategic priorities changing, etc.

Think about how you will run the restructuring process. Will you make a copy of your current site and work on that? How will you make sure the copy site is kept up-to-date with changes to the live site? Or will you make gradual changes to your live site? How will you test the success of your changes?

Allow plenty of time for making and testing changes; fit it in with your schedule of work. Think about testing iteratively, as you go along, to check you're making things better, not worse. Build in time to make changes based on unexpected results or feedback.

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