When not to use meta tags

One piece of advice given about meta tags is that whilst useful, they are not a magic solution. To be successful, you need to consider what keywords should appear in the list, and what is the most succinct description of your page. You should consider whether to add meta data to all of your pages.

The main goal of implementing meta data should be to ensure that your HOME page appears high on the list of matches.

Once the visitor has got to your homepage, having a well structured site and a consistent way of navigating your pages is more important than relying on meta data. Providing users with a site index or a search limited to your own pages also plays a part.

In terms of best practice, it is important not to try and get all your pages listed above other people's on the School's search engine - this will only replicate any problems about where your homepage appears in the results listings but this time, there won't be any solution like that offered by meta data.

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