Creating 'what's related' links in FrontPage

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It is sometimes useful to have a link from one page to another related page. Usually, you would add a link to some text within your page. Eg the ODAR main page has the following text: 'Funds are raised within the priorities of the Campaign for LSE'.

But what if there is no obvious text to use as a link? A way round this is to add a 'What's related' link in the HTML code. The link doesn't appear in edit view but is processed on the server and converts to a 'What's related' link at the top of the page, once the page has published, in the same was as <H3> converts headings to a 'Page contents' list once processed.

You can see an example of a What's related link at Regulations to Honorary Fellows, which has a related link to a page called List of LSE Honorary Fellows.

To insert a 'What's related' link, you need to edit the page in HTML view (click on the HTML tab at the bottom of the page).

  1. Look towards the top of the page for the <title> tag
  2. Hit Return immediately before the <title> tag
  3. Type the following: <link rel="related" title="title of what's related page" href="URL of page">
  4. Replace the text 'title of what's related page' with the name of the page you wish to link to. Remember to keep the two "" at the beginning and end
  5. Replace 'URL of page' with the actual URL of the page you are linking to. If this page is an external link it will begin http://www etc. If it is one of your own pages it will not
  6. To ensure a link to one of your own pages is accurate, switch back to page view and start to create a hyperlink to the page in question in the normal way by clicking through until you reach the page. At this stage, instead of clicking OK, copy the text that appears in the URL box and then click Cancel (so you don't create a hyperlink in Normal view)
  7. Switch back to HTML view and paste the URL you've just copied between the quotation marks at href="URL of page">, replacing what is already there
  8. You won't see the change until the page has published

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