Creating a link to a document within a public folder

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To link to a document within a public folder, first save the document(s) into the relevant public folder. Next follow these steps:

  1. In the web browser visit
  2. Browse in the folders view until you reach the email containing the attachment
  3. Right-click over the attachment in the message (usually a Word icon) and select 'Copy shortcut' (in Internet Explorer) or 'Copy Link Location' (in Netscape). This is the URL of the document
  4. In FrontPage, select the text that you want to become the hyperlink
  5. Hyperlink as normal by pasting the copied address into the URL box, having first deleted the 'http://' that is already in there
  6. Add the text: '[Restricted access]', linked to, next to the hyperlink, to forewarn users that they will need to log on with their LSE username and password
  7. Remember that users need to have been granted access to the relevant public folder before they can access the document

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