Creating 'contents' boxes in FrontPage sites

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  1. Move your cursor to the right hand column and select Heading 2 from the 'Style' drop down list then hit 'Return'. This will ensure that the top of the Contents box lines up with the first line of text in the left hand column
  2. Now you are ready to insert the Contents box. From the toolbar, click on 'Insert Table' and select a '6 by 1 Table' ie six rows and one columns. You can add more or less rows depending on how many links you have from the box
  3. Right click in the table and select Table Properties
  4. Under Layout, change the settings for Cell padding to 5, Cell spacing to 0 and Borders to 1. Now click on the Style button and in the Class box type template-box. Click OK
  5. In the top row type Contents, and set the font to bold
  6. In the remaining rows, type in the title of each page within the subsection and then create hyperlinks to these pages
  7. To add a new row above an existing entry, put the cursor in the row immediately below where you want to add it, right click and select Insert Row
  8. To add a row at the end of the list, click in the last row and hit 'Tab'

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