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Creating forms in FrontPage 2000

[2010 To all web editors: See important information about the migration of LSE websites into the Content Management System: CMS: migration. Are you looking for CMS 'How to' guides?

The following tutorials cover how to create web page forms in FrontPage so that you can receive details submitted by visitors to your site. Collected information will be sent as an email. Note: this service is intended for LSE web editors only.

The basic tutorial explains how to create a simple form from scratch, including how to set the recipient mail account and optionally, the email subject and which page the user sees as an acknowledgement.

The standard tutorial shows how to create a form which includes all of the form elements you are likely to use. This tutorial also shows you how to arrange the form elements in a table.

The tutorial on ensuring that the user submits required information is an additional tutorial that shows how to use FrontPage's form validation feature.

The tutorial on creating a simple questionnaire covers how to collect data from a user and the tutorial on how to receive that data as tab-delimited text shows how to import the information into a spreadsheet or database.

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