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Lists allow items to be displayed in a way that catches the eye and makes information easier to consume. For this reason, they are particular useful for formatting text on the web.

All list items should use sentence case where possible.

Both ordered (ie numbered) and unordered (ie bulleted) lists may be used. To format lists within LSE website style:

It is sometimes useful to add a line break after each list item to make dense lists easier to read. To do this, insert two single line breaks ('Shift' + 'Enter' twice) then a return ('Enter').





  1. This is an ordered list
  2. This is what happens if an ordered list is indented:
    1. You can use 'list properties' to choose whether an ordered list uses numerals or letters

4. Sometimes the sense of a list can follow on from a sentence in the previous sentence: For example, the following list:

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