Personal pages: conditions of use for LSE staff and students

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Any person who has personal web pages on an LSE server must, as a condition of that facility, comply with the conditions set out below and with all the requirements of the Conditions of Use of IT Facilities at the LSE.

  1. The facility to host personal web pages on LSE servers is provided for LSE staff and students
  2. Personal pages are permitted for academic and related purposes only
  3. Anyone with personal web pages on an LSE server must only use those pages for purposes relevant to their role and work at LSE, and not for hobbies or personal opinion unrelated to LSE
  4. Anyone with personal pages on an LSE server is responsible for the legal compliance of those pages and should read the Basic legal guide for individual page holders
  5. Personal web pages will not be inspected by the School but if on report it is found that a personal web page is being used contrary to these conditions, the facility for that person will be terminated
  6. The School's logo or crest must not be used on personal web pages
  7. It is the individual's responsibility to keep their web pages up to date
  8. Personal web pages should not be used for purposes where LSE web pages would be more appropriate
  9. The Conditions of Use of IT Facilities at the LSE and the Code of Practice for the Publishing of Information on the LSE World Wide Web Server must be observed when linking to external and internal web pages
  10. Use of a personal web page on the LSE server ceases when a person ceases to be a registered student or member of staff

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