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Systems Access Form


  • Systems Access Form
    You should complete this form if you are the line manager for a new member of staff requiring access to SITS, e:Vision, the Graduate File Tracker or Digitary.
  • Line Manager's Details
    Please enter your details as the line manager of the new member of staff.
  • Name
  • New Staff Member's Details
  • Name
  • Access Required
  • e:Vision Access required (if applicable)
  • Is this new staff member a replacement for a previous administrator?
  • If yes, please enter the name of the previous administrator.
  • Associated Programmes
    You should indicate which programmes this new member of staff will be responsible for in order for us to provide Graduate File Tracker and/or Tutor Allocation access. You can select up to 8 programmes, but if you require more, or any specific programmes are missing from the list below, please use the large text box below to indicate any missing ones.
  • Point of Contact
    We will associate the name of this new administrator with the programmes you have chosen on SITS, so that the Graduate Admissions office can send emails to them through the database. Some programmes have more than one administrator, so we need to know whether this new member of staff is the primary, secondary or tertiary contact for the programmes chosen.
  • New staff member's place in contact chain for selected programmes