How to contact us

Use Service request forms to report a facilities or maintenance issue.


Helpdesk enquiries:  020 7955 7956


Estates reception:  020 7955 6477


Estates who's who


Emergency contact

Helpdesk: 020 7831 8713 or  ext 2444

Security: ext 2000



Out of hours request for maintenance support

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Please note the Estates Division will charge your department at the following rates (per hour, per tradesperson):

Saturday: 8am - 2pm                                                               £22.94 

Saturday: 2pm through to 8am Sunday                                £30.58

Monday to Friday: 4.30pm through to 11pm                        £22.94

Monday to Friday: 11pm through to 8am following day     £30.58


If the acceptance box is not checked and/or ID number is not provided then no out of hours maintenance support will be allocated to your function.  It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is provided. 

For further details please see Conference and Events.