Enrike van Wingerden

Enrike van Wingerden

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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Dutch, English
Key Expertise
Materiality, political ecology, relationality, activism

About me

Enrike is an international political sociologist researching and teaching at the London School of Economics. Her scholarship focuses on the socio-materiality of political life. Prior research has been published in Political Geography and Democratization

Enrike specializes in the theory and empirical study of global relationality and entanglement. As editor of Millennium: Journal of International Studies vol. 49, she has organized the 2020 Online Conference “Entanglements and Detachments in Global Politics” on the complex relations between societies, species, and environments. 

Through her work on global relationality, Enrike aims to inform a concrete political praxis of connecting differently with forms of life and matter. As a grassroots organiser, she focuses on developing political strategies for climate justice and divestment from fossil fuel economies and exploitative labour practices. 

Research topic

Ecologies of International Comparison: Horizons of Palestinian Liberation

Enrike’s doctoral research centers on ecologies of comparison: forms of political thinking and action that draw relations through comparing. Through ethnographic and archival research methods, she explores how Palestine is compared to other contexts of struggle and how these material relations shape the possibilities for Palestinian liberation.

By excavating why and how activists, policy makers, and scholars draw comparisons with (Northern) Ireland, South Africa, and Turtle Island, she composes an ecological account of carcerality, apartheid, and indigeneity in and beyond Palestine. 

Teaching experience

  • IR100 – International Relations: Theories, Concepts, and Debates (LSE) 
  • IR102 – Thinking Globally: Studying International Relations (LSE) 

Academic supervisors

Dr George Lawson

Professor John Sidel


Expertise Details

Materiality; political ecology; relationality; activism

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