Tarsis Daylan Brito Sepulveda-Coelho

Tarsis Daylan Brito Sepulveda-Coelho

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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English, French, Portuguese
Key Expertise
IR Theory; Critical Theories; Security; Sovereignty; Resistance

About me

Originally from Teresina, Brazil, I hold a B.A in International Relations from the University of Brasilia (UnB) and an MSc in International Relations Theory (distinction) from the LSE. Before commencing my PhD at the LSE, I taught Contemporary IR theories at the University of Brasilia (UnB). Currently, I work as a Deputy Editor at Millennium: Journal of International Studies

Research topic

Matter, Language, and beyond: International Relations, Territory, and the politics of différance

This project engages in conversation with Poststructural Theory and New Materialisms in order to critique and interrogate the way the residual binary Matter/Language is naturalised and, not so infrequently, depoliticised in the discipline of IR. In so doing, it seeks to: 1) offer a theoretical tool to more effectively trace how matter and language are enacted; 2) politicise the divide matter/language, extending the domain of ‘the political’ in IR; and 3) provide IR with a novel understanding of how territory and borders are enacted in World Politics.

Teaching experience

IREL – 185329 Contemporary International Relations Theories (University of Brasilia/UnB)

Academic supervisors

Katharine Millar
Mark Hoffman


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Expertise Details

Contemporary IR Theory; Poststructuralism; New Materialisms; Deconstruction; Resistance and Revolutions; Hauntology and Sovereignty; The Politics of Critical Theory