Dr Oksana Levkovych

Dr Oksana Levkovych

PhD alumnus

Department of International Relations

English, German, Portuguese, Russian
Key Expertise
international political economy, politics of economic policy

About me

I combine theoretical and empirical research of foreign economic policy, with a primary focus on international trade. In my current PhD project, I study the relationship between structure and individual agency, and their impact on the pivotal trade policy shifts. Drawing from archival research and using qualitative methods, I offer a novel interpretation of the interwar collapse of the international trade regime and the slide to protectionism. My empirical findings challenge the hegemonic stability theory-based accounts of this crucial historical IPE puzzle and contribute to improving the theoretical and conceptual understanding of protectionism.

In 2017, I was awarded the R J Vincent Memorial Scholarship for research excellence. The project is a part of the broader research agenda entitled Varieties of Mercantilism, which analyses historical and contemporary trends in foreign economic policy through a series of empirical case studies: Britain and the British Empire, Russia and the Soviet Union, Germany, and the United States. Being bi-lingual in Ukrainian and Russian, fluent in English and Portuguese, and having a working knowledge of German has been one of the key advantages in undertaking this cross-national empirical research.

I hold degrees from the Zhytomyr Franko University (B.A. and MPhil in English and German Languages), the University of Lisbon (MPhil in English Culture) and the King’s College London (MPhil in Political Economy).

At the London School of Economics and Political Science, I co-organised inter-departmental research workshop - International Relations, Government, and the European Institute – on international/political economy and public policy in 2016-2018. Together with the Research Cluster coordinators, I co-founded and organised the LSE IR Roundtable with the annual events to date: “Restating the State of the Discipline” in 2017 and “Two Minutes to Midnight: IR in the Shadow of Doomsday” in 2018. Before continuing my graduate studies, I worked in financial services and led non-governmental initiatives on the integration of immigrants.

Research topic

Liberals and Protectionism: Britain's International Trade Policy Between the Wars. 

Teaching experience

The Politics of Economic Policy (LSE Government Department)
International Political Economy (LSE International Relations Department)

Academic supervisors

Dr James Morrison
Professor Peter Trubowitz

Research Cluster affliation

International Political Economy Research Cluster




Expertise Details

international political economy; politics of economic policy; history of economic thought; international trade; mercantilism; qualitative; archival; historical data research

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