Nicola Degli Esposti

Nicola Degli Esposti

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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Key Expertise
International politics, Middle East, Nationalism, Political economy

About me

Holds a BA and an MA in History from the University of Bologna and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Leiden University. He started his PhD in International Relations in September 2016 and has been conducting fieldwork in the Kurdish region of Iraq where he is also a fellow at the Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS) at the American University of Iraq – Sulaimani.

Research topic

Whose Kurdistan? Class Politics and Kurdish Nationalism in the Middle East, 1918-2018

Teaching experience

  • IR100 Great Thinkers and Pivotal Leaders: Shaping the Global Order
  • IR160 The Middle East in Global Politics
  • IR200 International Political Theory
  • IR315 The Middle East and International Relations Theory

Academic supervisor

Dr Katerina Dalacoura


Expertise Details

International politics; Middle East; Nationalism; Political economy