Mia Certo

Mia Certo

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

Key Expertise
'civil-military relations, critical military studies, queer theory

About me

Prior to joining the department, Mia completed her MA in War Studies at Kings College London and BA in English at Amherst College. Her research draws on her interdisciplinary background and focuses on denaturalizing the civil-military binary and the cultural work which maintains it. At the LSE, she has served as a co-editor of Millennium: Journal of International Studies (vol. 47), taught in the IR department, and represented PhD students on department and school-level committees. She has been supported by funding from the LSE Studentship and the Evan Carroll Commager Fellowship. Mia welcomes contact from prospective applicants.

Research topic

Queering Civil-Military Relations

Teaching Experience

IR305: Strategic Aspects of International Relations (LSE)

Academic supervisor

Tarak Barkawi

Research Cluster affiliation

Theory/Area/History Research Cluster


Expertise Details

civil-military relations; critical military studies; queer theory