Dr Alireza Shams Lahijani

Dr Alireza Shams Lahijani

PhD graduate

Department of International Relations

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English, Persian
Key Expertise
Identity; Diplomacy; Foreign Policy; Historical IR; Middle East and Iran

About me

Alireza teaches International Relations at LSE, where he earned his PhD. His research sits in the intersection of History and International Relations, exploring the evolution of the international society to find patterns of continuity and discontinuity across different scales. The aim is to understand how the global hangs together and polities relate to each other. His first book manuscript focuses on changes and continuities in Iran's conceptions of Europe from 1501 until 2015,  and how it influenced Iran's entry into the international society and its foreign policy over a longue durée. It advances understanding the entangled political and intellectual lives that conceive international relations by tracing the emergence of ideas and concepts that manifested Iran’s identity vis-à-vis the European Other. To do so, he relies on archival and secondary sources to chart imperial history, anti-colonial struggles, and the revolutionary story.

He holds MSc in International Relations from LSE, researching Iraq-Iran war, and BA in Politics and Law from University of Essex. He is also part of two research network that are focusing on the history of religion in the international society, and the role of language in international politics.

He has been Deputy Editor of Millennium and established and then co-organised LSE International Relations Colloquium (2015-2018).

Research topic

Iran’s Idea of the West and Entry into International Society

Teaching experience

IR100 Theories and Concepts of International Relations
IR160 The Middle East in Global Politics

Academic supervisors

Professor Iver B Neumann
Professor Fawaz Gerges



Expertise Details

Identity; Foreign Policy; Diplomacy; Historical International Relations; Iran; Middle East; Conceptual History; English School (International Relations)