Dr Adrian Rogstad

Dr Adrian Rogstad

PhD graduate

Department of International Relations

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English, German, Norwegian
Key Expertise
Russia; stigma; IR theory; International Political Sociology

About me

Born in Norway and a British-Norwegian, I have lived in London for most of my adult life. I hold an MPhil in Russian & East European Studies from the University of Oxford and a BSc in IR & History from the LSE. Before returning to the LSE for my PhD I interned at Norway’s OSCE Delegation in Vienna and worked for three years as a political risk analyst in London with a spell in Moscow.

I was co-editor of Millennium vol. 47, organising a conference and editing a special issue on ‘Revolution and Resistance in World Politics’. I am associate editor for vol. 48 and was a deputy editor for vol. 46.

Research topic

Stigmatisation in International Relations: Russia, the West and International Society from the Cold War to Crimea

My research analyses the impact of stigmatisation processes in shaping the norms of international society with particular reference to post-Cold War Russian-Western relations. I am interested in sociological and historical approaches to IR and European international relations, broadly conceived. My next project will be on ‘Britain and the idea of Europe’.

Teaching experience

  • Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, 2018.
  • 2018-19: Class and seminar teacher, IR321 and IR474 Revolutions and World Politics, LSE
  • 2017-18: Class teacher (two classes), IR100 Theories and Concepts of International Relations, LSE.
  • 2017: Class teacher, IR206 Revolutions in World Politics, LSE Summer School.
  • 2016-17: Class teacher (two classes), IR100 Concepts of International Society, LSE.

Academic supervisors

Dr George Lawson
Professor Iver B Neumann


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Expertise Details

Russia; stigma; IR theory; International Political Sociology