Dr Kentaro Fujikawa

Dr Kentaro Fujikawa

IRD Fellow

Department of International Relations

English, Japanese
Key Expertise
self-determination; civil wars; peacebuilding; international security

About me

Originally from Tokyo, I hold a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Tokyo with “Outstanding” Academic Honors, an MSc in Comparative Politics (Conflict Studies) from LSE, and an MPhil in Politics from the University of Tokyo. I have been working at the intersection of international relations, comparative politics, and international law. My current research is focused on self-determination conflicts and their conflict resolution processes. My doctoral thesis examines the use of self-determination referendums in the context of peacebuilding. My article analyzing the Indonesian government policies on Aceh and Papua has appeared in the Pacific Review.

Research topic

Self-determination Referendums after Civil Conflicts: Serving Peace and Democracy?

Teaching experience

IR100 Concepts of International Society (2016/2017)

Academic supervisor

Mr Mark Hoffman


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Expertise Details

self-determination; civil wars; conflict resolution; peacebuilding; referendums; state recognition; international security; politics of international law

My research