Dr Helena De Moraes Achcar

Dr Helena De Moraes Achcar

PhD graduate

Department of International Relations

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English, Portuguese, Spanish
Key Expertise
South-South Cooperation, discourse, BRICS and global health

About me

I hold an MA in International Studies and Diplomacy (with distinction) from SOAS, University of London.

My PhD is about the politics of South-South cooperation in health and agriculture. Drawing on the theory of discourse I focus on two case studies of technical cooperation projects between Brazil and Mozambique to analyse the political strategies actors applied as conflicts between different stakeholders unfolded with the implementation of the projects. My analysis seeks to understand how colonial and postcolonial structures can be challenged or reinforced by South-South cooperation.

Research topic

The politics of South-South cooperation - Thesis online

Teaching experience

GV245: Democracy and Democratisation

Academic supervisors

Professor Tomila Lankina
Professor Francisco Panizza



Expertise Details

South-South Cooperation; discourse theory; Brazilian foreign policy; BRICS; populism; cooperation in health; global health