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Professor Tarak Barkawi

Professor Tarak Barkawi

Professor of International Relations

Department of International Relations

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On leave academic year 2022/23
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war studies, imperialism, interdisciplinary approaches

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On leave 2022/23

My scholarship uses interdisciplinary approaches to imperial and military archives to re-imagine relations between war, armed forces and society in modern times. I have written on the pivotal place of armed force in globalization, imperialism, and modernization, and on the neglected significance of war in social and political theory and in histories of empire. My most recent book, Soldiers of Empire, examined the multicultural armies of British Asia in the Second World War, reconceiving Indian and British soldiers in cosmopolitan rather than national terms. Currently, I am working on the Korean War and the American experience of military defeat at the hands of those regarded as racially inferior. This new project explores soldiers’ history writing as a site for war’s constitutive presence in society and politics.

Professor Barkawi is not taking on new PhD students for entry in 2023/24.


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war; empire; security; theory

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