Dr Geoff Goodwin

Dr Geoff Goodwin

Guest Teacher

Department of International Development

English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Water, Land, Infrastructure, Decommodification, Ecuador, Colombia

About me

Geoff is a political economist but who combines insights from several academic disciplines, including political economy, anthropology, geography, sociology and history. 

His current research explores the historical roots and contemporary dynamics of community-based water organisations in Colombia and Ecuador. Working at different sites and scales across the two countries, he is investigating the political economy of these organisations, paying particular attention to their autonomous relations and practices, and their diverse roles in processes of (de) commodification. 

His first article based on this research, which is published in World Development, explores these issues through the conceptual lens of ‘coproduction’, using the Ecuadorian case to provide new insights into the politics and history of coproduction in the Global South. He also recently published an article in Alternautas, which considers the initial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on community water organisations in Ecuador. 

His current project builds on his doctoral research, which explored the relationship between land reform, land markets, and indigenous peoples in Highland Ecuador. Critically engaging with the work of Karl Polanyi, his thesis shows how land reform simultaneously promoted the commodification and decommodification of land and explores how highland indigenous communities and movements navigated this contradictory process. 

He has published three articles based on his PhD thesis; two in the Journal of Agrarian Change, which explore the relationship between indigenous peoples, land reform and land markets in Highland Ecuador, and one in Development and Change, which proposes a revised reading of Polanyi's ‘double movement’ concept. He is continuing his critical engagement with Polanyian social theory through a series of articles and a book project. 

He is also co-editing a book on infrastructure - The Social and Political Life of Latin American Infrastructure (University of London Press), which is scheduled for publication in 2022. 

Geoff will convene DV407 – Poverty in 2021-22. He previously taught at the University of Oxford and University College London and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He has a particular interest in interdisciplinary teaching and learning and has conducted research on this topic.

Geoff is a Research Associate at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford, and Associate Editor at Oxford Development Studies.

Selected publications

Review essay:


Book reviews:

  • Goodwin, G (2017), Review of Drinot, P and Knight, A (eds.) (2014), ‘The Great Depression in Latin America’, Bulletin of Latin American Research, Vol. 36 (1): 105-7
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  • Goodwin, G (2016), Review of Dinerstein, AC (2015), ‘The Politics of Autonomy in Latin America: The Art of Organising Hope’, Radical Americas, Vol. 1 (1): 85-88 
  • Goodwin, G (2016), Review of Figueroa, A (2015), ‘Growth, Employment, Inequality and the Environment’, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, Vol. 17 (4): 606-7 

Expertise Details

Political Economy; Land; Water; Coproduction; Infrastructure; Latin America