Dr Mario Blejer

Dr Mario Blejer

Visiting Professor

Institute of Global Affairs

About me

Dr Mario Blejer is a Visiting Professor in the Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics. Mario has a PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago and an MA in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mario has held the positions of Governor of the Central bank of Argentina, Senior Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of England and Director of its Centre for Central Banking Studies, and held senior positions at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Currently he is Deputy Chairman of Banco Hipotecario, one of Argentina’s largest commercial banks and Board Director, IRSA, Argentina’s largest real estate company. Mario held the Walter Rathenau Chair in European Economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was Director of the Helmut Kohl Institute.

He also taught at NYU, San Andres University and Boston University, among others. Mario has published large number of books and articles in the areas of monetary policy, financial stability, fiscal policy and performance.