Valeria Gontareva

Valeria Gontareva

Senior Policy Fellow

Institute of Global Affairs

English, Russian
Key Expertise
Central Banking

About me

Valeria Gontareva served as the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine in 2014-2017. She was the first woman to lead Ukraine’s central bank and oversaw vital reforms to implement a new monetary policy of inflation targeting and flexible exchange rate regime, to clean up Ukraine’s banking sector, strengthen regulatory supervision, and ensure the independence of the National Bank. 

Ms Gontareva started her career in financial services in 1993 and built up over two decades of private sector experience at both Ukrainian and international financial institutions before her appointment as Governor of the central bank. Between 1996 and 2000 she worked at the Kyiv branch of Société Générale, moving to ING Bank in 2001 where she rose to first Deputy Chairman of the Board. Between 2007 and 2014 she led Investment Capital Ukraine (now ICU), a top Ukrainian financial services group.  

Ms Gontareva graduated in 1987 from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and also obtained a Masters degree in Economics from Kyiv National Economic University in 1997.