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Ukraine report 200x200

Arena publishes a report entitled "From 'Memory Wars' to a Common Future: Overcoming Polarisation in Ukraine", following a virtual launch of the two-year project (20 July 2020).

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Read the Ukrainian translation here.


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Peter Pomerantsev, Anne Applebaum, Sophia Gaston and others publish "Measuring social response to different journalistic techniques on Facebook" for the Humanities and Social Sciences Communications journal (1 July 2020).

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from distrust to solidarity

LSE Arena contributes to a report investigating which types of stories relieve Ukrainian citizens’ anxiety and build trust in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic (June 2020).

Read the report here.




The Transatlantic Working Group publishes its final piece on Content Moderation Online and Freedom of Expression (16 June 2020).

Read the report here.



BBC radio 4

Peter Pomerantsev discusses whether COVID-19 will bring us towards shared truths or push us further apart in "The Return of Reality" for BBC Radio 4 (7 June 2020).

Listen to the programme here.



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LSE Arena publishes its Spring 2020 newsletter (29 April 2020).

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cnn international

CNN International speaks to Anne Applebaum and David Rohde on the aurhoritarian threats of coronavirus (24 April 2020).

Watch the video here.




Anne Applebaum writes for The Atlantic on how the pandemic is uncovering Hungarian politics (3 April 2020).

Read the article here.




The New York Times speaks to Peter Pomerantsev about misinformation and propaganda surrounding coronavirus (3 April 2020).

Read the article here.



aa covid

Anne Applebaum writes for The Atlantic on shifting relations between the powerful and the public in the time of an epidemic (23 March 2020).

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The Spectator quotes Peter Pomerantsev in discussing the relationship between coronavirus confusion and propaganda (22 March 2020).

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2020 election

The Atlantic discusses the upcoming 2020 US election in the context of an overarching disinformation architecture, citing Peter Pomerantsev (6 February 2020).

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Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Universal Lessons from the Battles over Ukraine’s Identity" for The American Interest (22 January 2020).

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Putins big lie

The statements made by Putin on Poland's role in World War 2 at several meetings in late December are discussed by Anne Applebaum for The Atlantic (5 January 2020).

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False romance of Russia

Anne Applebaum discusses the dangers of American conservatives identifying with Putin’s regime for The Atlantic (12 December 2019).

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Sophia Gaston outlines the usage and dangers of disinformation in the UK election campaign for New Statesman (22 November 2019).

Read the article here.




The Transatlantic Working Group holds its third and final session on online harms and disinformation (12 November 2019).

See the set of working papers here.



TIME (2)

Peter Pomerantsev on the threats of contemporary 'information war' for Time (9 November 2019).

Read the article here.




Peter Pomerantsev in a Q&A hosted by Jay Nordlinger: Dealing with the 'Post-Truth Age' (31 October 2019).

Listen to the podcast here




Disinformation in the post-truth age is discussed by Peter Pomerantsev on the Ezra Kelin show (14 October 2019).

Listen to the podcast here.



BBC sounds

Peter Pomerantsev discusses how cencorship works in our information age for BBC Sounds (7 October 2019).

Listen to the episode here.



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The Financial Times discusses Peter Pomerantsev's writings in This Is Not Propaganda (30 August 2019). 

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Anne Applebaum writes an opinion piece on the status of Brexit and the British Parliament for The Washington Post (28 August 2019).

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"Beautifully written, carefully reported and quietly frightening", The Guardian reviews Peter Pomerantsev's This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality (10 August 2019).

Read the article here



Peter Newsnight

Peter Pomerantsev discusses his new book and what we can expect for the future of populism on BBC's Newsnight (2 August 2019).

Watch the episode here.




Peter Pomerantsev publishes This Is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality (30 July 2019).

Book of the week in The Observer, The Times and the Evening Standard.





Arena's Peter Pomerantsev discusses disinformation and propaganda from Putin’s Russia to Brexit Britain in The Guardian (27 July 2019).





Arena published a report entitled 'Journalism in an age of populism and polarisation: lessons from the migration debate in Italy' (24 June 2019).

As a highly controversial topic in the country, different approaches to writing about migration in Italy were analysed. How can one cover such issues in a way that promotes civil engagement, enhances trust and a fact-based discourse?

The study was presented at a workshop in London with senior editors and journalists from the BBC, Observer, Financial Times and others.



In LSE IQ episode 17, Joanna Bale, Senior Media Relations Officer, asks ‘Are we entering a new Cold War?’ She talks to LSE IGA Arena co-directors Anne Applebaum  and Peter Pomerantsev, and LSE Ideas' Cristian Nitoiu (10 August 2018).


Reintegrating Europe Arena events

LSE IGA Arena hosted: "Is this the new normal? Reintegrating Europe": Ivan Krastev, Centre for Liberal Strategies, and  Sergei Guriev, EBRD, in conversation with Anne Applebaum (13 June 2018).



Mounk news

LSE IGA Arena hosted a panel on "Is this the new normal? Recreating the public sphere" with Yascha Mounk, Harvard Centre for European Studies, Sophie Gaston, and Arena Co-Directors Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev (6 June 2018).



Arena Co-Director Peter Pomerantsev discusses faked murders, facts and lies in The Observer (3 June 2018).

PRI interview 1

PRI's Dasha Lisitsina  interviews Peter Pomerantsev for "Putin’s media strategy? 'A free jazz orchestra" (18 May 208).

Trump has put america

Anne Applebaum publishes "Trump has put America in the worst of all possible worlds," The Washington Post (4 May 2018).


democracy is not for sale. 300x300jpg

LSE Arena Co-Director Anne Applebaum discusses democracy and disinformation on The Death of Democracy, Start the week, BBC Radio 4 (7 May 2018).


WaPo home

Anne Applebaum publishes "The fake news Russians hear at home," The Washington Post (4 May 2018).


trumpcast news

LSE Arena Co-Directors Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev feature on Slate's podcast, Trumpcast, "The Real Answer to Russian Disinformation" (3 May 2018).


anne munk

LSE Arena Co-Director Anne Applebaum awarded the Lionel Gelber Prize for 'Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine' (16 April 2018).


Anne radio 4

While cautioning against overly-simplistic comparisons between present-day politics and the Cold War, LSE Arena Co-Director Anne Applebaum presented to Radio 4 the similarities between Russian disinformation campaigns surrounding the Syrian crisis of today, and Soviet propaganda strategies of the past (14 April 2018, watch from 1hr55min).

LSE Arena's report, "Soviet Subversion, Disinformation and Propaganda: How the West Fought Against it," sheds further light on this matter.


Anne Applebaum publishes "Facebook makes the Snowden affair look quaint," The Washington Post (10 April 2018).


Peter granta

Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Pay for your Words," Granta (9 April 2018).


A Kiev

Anne Applebaum publishes "The disinformation plague is far bigger than the Russians," Kyiv Post (7 April 2018).



Anne Applebaum publishes "Ominous cracks show in the West’s united front against Russia," The Washington Post (20 March 2018).


PP Jokes and death

Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Jokes and the Death of Narratives," The American Interest (24 March 2018).


AA WP 3 23

Anne Applebaum publishes "First Russia unleashed a nerve agent. Now it's unleashing its lies," The Washington Post (23 March 2018).



Peter Pomerantsev features in BBC Radio 4's Archive on 4 programme, "Disinformation: A User's Guide" (17 March 2018).


Peter Brussels

Peter Pomerantsev presents LSE Arena and ISD report, "Make Germany Great Again," at the launch of the Transatlantic Forum on Disinformation (TFD). The new expert group was launched by the Atlantic Council, the Center for New American Security and the EU DisinfoLab. It will serve as an informal space to discuss research, articles, current affairs, upcoming events and opportunities for collaboration in the disinformation space (3 March 2018).

the american interest

Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Disinformation All the Way Down: Reality is no longer what you think it is," The American Interest (27 February 2018).

PP Putin

Peter Pomerantsev and Arena Programme Manager Alistair Shawcross develop The American Interest paper "How to Talk with Russia" (26 February 2018), with Vasily Gatov.

Americans once knew how to effectively communicate with Russian audiences, and they in turn wanted to engage with Western voices. What went wrong, and how can we fix it?

Anne on Newsnight

Anne Applebaum interviews with Newsnight, on Robert Mueller's indictments, on Newsnight (16 February 2018).

Watch the video (from 1:15)



Anne Applebaum publishes "In Britain, the specter of anti-Semitism returns," The Washington Post (9 February 2018).

Ed Lucas

The Times' Edward Lucas reports on upheaval in the media caused by the internet and threats to democracy, following Anne Applebaum and Peter Pomerantsev's LSE IGA Arena launch (7 February 2018).

Read the article

Arena Launch

Anne Applebaum, LSE IGA Professor in Practice, introduces LSE Arena, an initiative that analyses the root causes of distorted information, polarisation and hate speech and creates the counter response.

Professor Applebaum chaired this event, which brought together parliamentarians, technologists and journalists to explain the multi-faceted threat disinformation poses to democracy and outlined Arena’s strategy for building a practical response. The panel discussed the role of policy-makers, tech companies and activists in combatting disinformation in the twenty-first century, and outlined LSE Arena’s role in this debate.

Panel consisted of:

  • Peter Pomerantsev, Senior Fellow at the LSE IGA, an author and TV producer. He specialises on propaganda and media development.
  • Liam Byrne MP, British Labour Party politician who has been Member of Parliament for Birmingham Hodge Hill since 2004. He is the Shadow Digital Minister. Before entering politics, Liam was a Fulbright Scholar at the Harvard Business School and a technology entrepreneur.
  • Baroness Shields (Joanna Shields), OBE, British-American technology industry veteran who served as a UK Minister for Internet Safety and Security and Under-Secretary of State from 2015-2017. In 2016, Baroness Shields was appointed the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Internet Safety.


AA Putin 1

Anne Applebaum publishes "The America Europe needs right now is missing," The Washington Post (11 January 2018).


PP El Pais

Peter Pomerantsev interviews with El Pais, “Los Gobiernos deben tomarse muy en serio la desinformación”. Read the article in Spanish here (1 January 2018).




News 2017


Monitoring the German Elections

LSE Arena have worked together with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue to monitor online influence in the German elections. Our research has been published extensively in German media. Arena Directors Peter Pomerantsev and Anne Applebaum gave an overview of our analysis in an exclusive essay for Die Welt, comparing the situation with alienated social media ‘echo chambers’ in Germany to the US.

A unique investigation together with Buzzfeed unearthed a bot-net operating out of the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, whose managers confirmed they were supporting the German right-nationalist AFD Party free of charge.

This investigation has been turned into a multimedia ‘Ultimate Guide to Bust Fake Tweeters’, useful for any journalists exploring hidden influencers. The guide is featured in English on fact-checking site, and broadcaster ZDF in German.

Arena and ISD also worked together with Der Spiegel Magazine to look at how the international alt-right tried to influence the election.

Other pieces included an in-depth profile of a prolific ‘internet warrior' and explored the political dynamics among the 3-4 million Russian-Germans.

Read a summary of our findings

PP Mirage

Peter Pomerantsev publishes "The Seven Ages of Revolution" (11 January) and "The Mirage of Populism" (December 22), The American Interest.


Russia, misinformation and social networks

Russia and Misinformation

LSE Arena's Peter Pomerantsev publishes article, "Russia, misinformation and social networks," in El Pais (December 4th) and features in The Economist article, "How the Russia investigation looks from Moscow" (November 30).

PP Elephant

Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Beware Russian Elephant" (November 20), The American Interest.


PP disinformation and decay

Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Disinformation and the Decay of Nations" (October 20), The American Interest.


if Russia can create fake black lives matter accounts who will next

Anne Applebaum publishes opinion piece "If Russia can create fake 'Black Lives Matter' accounts, who will next?," The Washington Post (October 15).

PP grantha

Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Pop-up People," Granta (August 15). 



maybe the A.I. dystopia is already here

Anne Applebaum publishes opinion piece "Maybe the A.I. dystopia is already here," The Washington Post (July 28).

Marine Le Pen

Anne Applebaum publishes opinion piece "Every day a new Russian revelation. That’s not as bizarre as it sounds," The Washington Post (March 31).


Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Russia’s spat with the US is not a return to the cold war," Financial Times (January 2).


News 2016


I was the victim of a Russian smear campaign

Anne Applebaum publishes opinion piece "I was a victim of a Russian smear campaign. I understand the power of fake news," The Washington Post (December 20).

Winning the Information War

Winning the Information War: Techniques and Counter-strategies to Russian Propaganda in Central and Eastern Europe

By: Edward Lucas and Peter Pomerantsev

A Report by CEPA’s Information Warfare Project, in partnership with the Legatum Institute (August 2016).


Lessons from Ukraine

Legatum Institute - Wider World Transitions Forum


How to stop disinformation: Lessons from Ukraine for the Wider World

by Marina Presenti and Peter Pomerantsev 

the danger of Russian disinformation

Anne Applebaum and Edward Lucas publish opinion piece "The danger of Russian disinformation," The Washington Post (May 6).



News 2015


Counter Propaganda


Counter Propaganda: Cases from US Public Diplomacy and beyond

by Nicholas J. Cull


The New Authoritarians


The New Authoritarians: Ruling Through Disinformation

by Peter Pomerantsev, Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez, Berivan Orucoglu, Gary Rawnsley and Abigail Fielding-Smith

News 2014


Menace of Unreality

The Menace of Unreality: Combatting Russian Disinformation in the 21st Century

This livestreamed panel examined how Russia’s extensive disinformation campaign undermines Western democracy.

Anne Applebaum, Director of the Legatum Institute's Transitions Forum, moderated a discussion with Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador to Ukraine, Oleksander Scherba, Ambassador at Large at the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Michael Weiss, Editor-in-Chief of The Interpreter, and Peter Pomerantsev, journalist and documentary producer. John Herbst, Director of the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Centre at the Atlantic Council and partner for this event, gave introductory remarks (October 30).

Russia and the menace of unreality

Peter Pomerantsev publishes "Russia and the Menace of Unreality," The Atlantic (September 9).

How Putin is Reinventing Warfare

Peter Pomerantsev publishes argument piece: "How Putin is Reinventing Warfare," Foreign Policy (May 5).

A fearful new world, imperiled by Russia's subterfuge

Anne Applebaum pubishes opinion piece "Anne Applebaum: A fearful new world imperiled by Russia's subterfuge," The Washington Post (April 16).

Vladimir Putin

Anne Applebaum publishes article  "Russia's information warriors are on the march - we must respond," The Telegraph (March 7).




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