Why Do Foreign Fighters Join Islamic State?

 Why Do Foreign Fighters Join Islamic State?

How does a conflict far away speak to men and women in Kosovo? What does this say about the memories of conflict in their own country?



Asya Metodieva

Central European University

 In this Strategic Update Asya Metodieva explores these questions through an in-depth analysis of both quantitative and oral sources, shedding light on the interaction of what are termed ‘identity producers’ and ‘identity seekers’. 

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Why Do Foreign Fighters Join Islamic State?

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Why Do Foreign Fighters Join Islamic State?

About the Author

Asya Metodieva is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Policy at Central European University. In July 2016 she graduated from MA in Public Policy at CEU writing her thesis on Counter-Terrorism Strategies in Europe. Her academic interests include National and International Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Global Politics, Cyber Security, Global Energy, Media and Public Communication. Previously, she worked as a journalist for the Bulgarian National Television for 7 years. Additionally, she worked as a media trainer in various workshops and seminars on Roma Integration.