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ASEAN: In or Out? No Way…Not yet?

The UK voted to leave the European Union on a wave of populist anger. Does the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) face a similar threat to regional integration?



Tan Sri Munir Majid

LSE Honoray Fellow

In this Strategic Update, Tan Sri Munir Majid assesses the prospect of a member state leaving ASEAN, the future of UK-ASEAN relations after Brexit, and the greatest threat to ASEAN - the South China Sea. 

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ASEAN: In or Out? No Way…Not yet?

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ASEAN: In or Out? No Way…Not yet? 

About the author

Tan Sri Munir Majid is a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS, a Honorary Fellow at LSE, and an Associate of the LSE Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre. Dr Majid was formerly Executive Chairman of the Malaysian Securities Commission, Chairman of Malaysia Airlines, and Group Editor of the New Straits Times (NST).