The Future of UK Foreign Policy

The Future of UK Foreign Policy

In this report a range of contributors, all with long and distinguished careers in British foreign policy, consider Britain’s role in the world in the broadest sense.

Identifying our core interests and the most appropriate capacities to secure them.

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The Future of UK Foreign Policy


  • Biographies from time of publication
  • Professor Michael Cox, Director, LSE IDEAS
  • Sir Robert Cooper, former Head of the Policy Planning Staff at the Foreign Office and UK's Special Representative in Afghanistan
  • Sir Mark Allen, former member of British Foreign Service
  • Sir Rodric Braithwaite, former British Ambassador in Moscow, Foreign Policy Adviser to Prime Minsiter Major, and Chairman of the Joint Intellgence Committee
  • Sir Jeremy Greenstock, former UK Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Sir Richard Mottram, former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence and for intelligence, security, and resilience in the Cabinet Office
  • Lord Charles Powell of Bayswater, crossbench peer and former member of the Diplomatic Service and Private Secretary to Thatcher and Major
  • Sir Malcolm Rifkind, former Secretary of State for Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
  • Dr Nick Kitchen, Assistant Professorial Research Fellow in the United States Centre at LSE. 

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