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This new programme focuses on how continuing global power shifts are likely to impact upon Europe and the European Union. Its principal remit is to study the changing relationship between Europe and the United States and the challenges posed by China, Russia and Turkey. Special attention is also given to the evolving  relationship between the EU and the UK in the fields of security and foreign policy. The programme is designed to build upon the work achieved by the Dahrendorf Forum.


Beyond Autonomy: Rethinking Europe as a Strategic Actor
February 2022

Strategic autonomy has become the buzzword of the European policy scene in recent years, with a slew of reports and policy proposals dedicated to the subject, and high-level support among European leaders. But big questions remain about what the concept actually means and what its implications are for Europe and the EU. Drawing on contributions to a recent high-level workshop as well as the five briefings contained in this volume, this introductory chapter has sought to make the case for moving ‘beyond autonomy’ in five key respects - conceptually, thematically, geographically, temporally, and politically. Only by doing this are we able to move the debate on autonomy forward and highlight a number of key debates and issues on which greater attention from policymakers is needed. In this report from LSE IDEAS and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, the five briefings do just this, by highlighting new directions for policy debate and academic research on the concept of strategic autonomy, all of which take us into new domains.

A New Diplomacy in the Age of the Global Binary: Digitalisation, Pandemics and the Search for a Global Reset
September 2021

Richard Higgott and Giulia Tercovich explore the key issues in contemporary diplomacy off the back of the international workshop held by the Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) of the Brussels School of Governance and LSE's think tank LSE IDEAS. This report covers the core questions from the workshop and a retelling of the discussions from each session, providing a wider analytical commentary on modern international relations and diplomacy.

Hedging by Default: The Limits of EU "Strategic Autonomy" in a Binary World Order
February 2021

Richard Higgott and Simon Reich explore how the EU now appears to have embarked on a hedging strategy in an increasingly bifurcated world.

Events and Podcasts

A New Diplomacy for the Emerging Global Binary: Digitalisation, Pandemics and the Search for a Reset
Thursday 17 and Friday 18 June

LSE IDEAS and the Center for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy host a timely debate on the future of diplomacy in the contemporary global binary era. Catch up on the various panels from the conference.


Christopher Coker is Director of IDEAS Europe, and also Director of LSE IDEAS. He was Professor of International Relations at LSE, retiring in 2019. He is a former twice serving member of the Council of the Royal United Services Institute, a former NATO Fellow and a regular lecturer at Defence Colleges in the UK, US, Rome, Singapore, and Tokyo. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the National Institute for Defence Studies In Tokyo, the Rajaratnam School for International Studies Singapore, the Political Science Dept in Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and the Norwegian and Swedish Defence Colleges.

Saniya Kulkarni is Programme Coordinator for IDEAS Europe.

Vlad Zigarov is Programme Manager for IDEAS Europe.