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LSE-Sciences Po Seminar in Contemporary International History

The Cold War Studies Project at LSE IDEAS, the Department of International History at LSE, and the Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po in Paris co-organise the joint LSE-Sciences Po Seminar in Contemporary International History (HY510).



The seminar welcomes presentations on any aspect of 20th or 21st century contemporary international history, broadly defined.

Call for Papers

There are currently no calls for papers.

Attend the seminar 

The seminar is open to all PhD students and staff at both LSE and Sciences Po. We also welcome outside participants: if you would like to take part in the seminar, please sign up via the relevant eventbrite link in the programme below. If you have any doubts or difficulties, please e-mail the course organiser.

Download papers

Seminar participants can download papers for each seminar here. (login required)


2021/22 Programme at LSE

Seminars take place from 4 to 5.30pm BST/GMT in-person or on Zoom. Attendance is open to all, but in-person attendance is for LSE participants only. Non-LSE attendees should register in advance by contacting Grant Golub ( or registering via the relevant Eventbrite page close to the time.

26 January - The United States and Illiberal Internationalism

Towards an Anticommunist Definition of Human Rights: Latin American Influence on Ronald Reagan's 1980 Campaign - Molly Avery, LSE

Support for Autocracies within the Liberal International Order - Matias Spektor, FGV Brazil

9 February - Media Narratives and International Crises

From Anti-Imperialism to Multiculturalism: (Post-) Migrant Media in Postcolonial France - Christian Jacobs, Freie Universität Berlin/Humboldt Universität Berlin

Pakistan and the Afghan-Soviet War: An Analysis of the Media Discourse - Zahib Shahab Ahmed, Deakin University

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2 March - Global Interdependence and Contemporary World Governance

From Vice to Valuable Ally: Hong Kong in the Anglo-American War on Drugs, 1970-1980 - Philip Thai, Northeastern University

The U.S. and Global Climate Change Negotiations: Precedents, 1972-1992 - Matthew Franczak, University of Pennsylvania

16 March - Global Fascism

Fascist Coffee, Imperial Bananas: Food in Italian East Africa - Simone Cinotto, Universita di Scienze Gastronomiche

30 March - Transnational Comparative Approaches to Education During the Cold War

Going to School in the 1950s: Who was the Ideal Turk? - Sinan Ekim, LSE

From Russia with Blow: Czechoslovak Students at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, 1952-1968 - Mikulas Hodovanec, Charles University

4 May - Cold War Development in Southern Europe

Promoting Southern Europe to the World: The Case of Olympic Airways - Eirini Karamouzi, University of Sheffield

Failure of Association between Turkey and the EEC: Divergence on How to Achieve Development - Arda Ozansoy, Bilkent University

2021/22 Programme at Sciences Po

Sessions will be held either at Salle du Traité or on Zoom, 5-7pm (Paris time).

Stay tuned for updates on the programme.