Liana Woskie

PhD Candidate

Department of Health Policy

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Liana Woskie is a PhD candidate at LSE and also works at the Harvard Initiative on Global Health Quality (HIGHQ). Her dissertation focuses on the measurement and evaluation of health system performance with a focus on patient-centered care, particularly in fragile states.  

Previously, Liana worked on insurance continuity with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (US) and was a Global Health Corps Fellow at Partner’s In Health supporting care coordination for HIV patients. Interested in health systems’ ability to deliver patient-centered care, Liana has studied iterations of the community health worker model in over 10 countries, including India, Bangladesh, China, and Rwanda.

Following the 2014 Ebola outbreak, she served as the coordinator for the Harvard-LSHTM Lancet Report on the Global Response to Ebola and managed related projects on WHO reform and cross-national pandemic response. More recently, she worked as part of a team to quantify the burden of harm caused by poor quality healthcare globally and also examined U.S. health spending from an international perspective with Irene Papanicolas (LSE) and Ashish Jha (Harvard). 

Liana holds a BA from Wesleyan University and completed the Health Policy Planning and Financing program at LSE / LSHTM as a Global Grant Scholar.



Global Health Policy, Quality of Care, Comparative Health System Performance, Pandemic Preparedness, Patient-Centered Care.

Primary supervisor: Professor Elias Mossialos

Secondary supervisor: Dr Huseyin Naci