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Conflict Research Group

Examining the causes and dynamics of violent conflict

The Conflict Research Group (CRG) is a multi-disciplinary research and consultancy unit. Its members include leading experts in conflict-related research from five of LSE's academic departments, including Government, International Relations, Sociology, the Methodology Institute, and the European Institute.

The CRG provides expertise on the causes and dynamics of violent conflict, and the policy responses to it, whether in democratic or authoritarian states.

Our activities are supported by the LSE Department of Government. The Conflict Research Group seminar series is open to all. Please contact gov.comms@lse.ac.uk to be added to the mailing list.

2021-22 events

Thursday 9 December 2021, 5:15-6:45pm | In person at LSE and via Zoom

Dawn Walsh (University College Dublin)
Power-Sharing and Gender: The Composition of Independent Commissions in Peace Agreements

Past events

Public events

2011 Summer of Disorder: reading the English riots ten years after 
Tuesday 30 March 2021, 5:00-6:20pm GMT 
Speaker: Tim Newburn, Professor of Criminology and Social Policy 
Chair: John Sidel, Sir Patrick Gillam Chair in International and Comparative Politics

This online event was live streamed on the LSE Government YouTube channel.

How much danger is American democracy in?

11 February 2021
Speaker: Brian Klaas, Associate Professor of Global Politics, UCL
Chair: Bill Kissane, Associate Professor (Reader) in Politics, Department of Government, LSE

New insights on where and why journalists are killed outside major wars
16 November 2017
Speaker: Sabine Carey, Professor of Political Science, University of Mannheim
Chair: Dr Livia Schubiger, Assistant professor in Comparative Politics, Department of Government, LSE

Nations Torn Asunder
23 February 2017
Speakers: Dr Bill Kissane (LSE Government) and Anthony Loyd (Journalist)
Chair: Dr Denisa Kostovicova

Bill Kissane discussed his book ‘Nations Torn Asunder: the Challenge of Civil War’ (OUP 2016) along with Anthony Loyd and Denisa Kostovicova as part of the LSE Literary Festival which is held every year.

Listen to the podcast of this event

How Has Violent Political Conflict Changed Over the Last Two Centuries?
Thursday 19 May 2016
Speaker: Prof. Stathis N. Kalyvas, Yale
Dr Kieran Mitton, Department of War Studies, KCL

Rape as a Practice of War: Towards a Typology of Political Violence
19 May 2016
Speaker: Prof. Elisabeth Jean Wood, Yale
Discussant: Dr Kieran Mitton, Department of War Studies, KCL
Chair: Dr des. Livia Schubiger, Department of Government, LSE

Lunchtime seminars

15 March 2018
Dr Milli Lake, Assistant Professor, LSE International Relations Department 
Everyday War: Monopolizing Violence in Low Intensity Armed Conflicts

14 March 2018
Dr. Anita Gohdes, Assistant Professor, University of Zurich
Women Combatants and the Politics of Sex-Selective Repression in the Syrian Conflict

1 March 2018
Dr. Nils-Christian Bormann, Assistant Professor, University of Exeter
Globalization, Institutions and Ethnic Inequality (with Lars-Erik Cederman, Yannick Pengl, and Nils Weidmann)

8 February 2018
Sophie Haspeslagh, PhD candidate at the International Relations Department, LSE
Getting to Havana: Impact of Proscription on Peace Negotiations between the Colombian Government and the FARC

25 January 2018
Denisa Kostovicova, Department of Government, LSE and Tom Paskhalis, Department of Methodology, LSE
Gender, Justice and Deliberation: Women’s Voice in Post-Conflict Reconciliation

30 November 2017
Kenneth Morrison, Professor of Modern Southeast European History, De Montfort University
The War Hotel as a Political and Geopolitical Space

16 November 2017
Diego Alburez-Gutierrez, PhD candidate in Demography, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science
We need more children: pronatalism as a response to genocidal violence

12 October 2017
Dr. Jelke Boesten, Reader in Emerging Economies and International Development, Department of International Development, King’s College London
Peace for whom? Legacies of gender based violence in Peru

21 October 2015
Nicolas Lemay-Hebert, University of Birmingham

1 November 2015
John Gledhill, Oxford University

18 November 2015
Jana Krause, King’s College London

2 December 2015
Kieran Mitton, King’s College London

3 February 2016
Rebecca Bryant, London School of Economics

17 February 2016
Nils Metternich, University College London

2 March 2016
Govinda Clayton, University of Kent

16 March 2016
Helen Walasek, author of 'Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage' and formerly of the Bosnian Institute, London and Deputy-Director of Bosnia-Herzegovina Heritage Rescue.


Any faculty member of the LSE Department of Government is welcome to join the CRG. Faculty members of other LSE Departments and Institutes are also welcome to join the group, by invitation of the CRG Director.

Any PhD student from the LSE Department of Government can join the CRG group if they are nominated by a faculty member of the group. PhD students in other LSE Departments and Institutions can also join the group at the discretion of the Director.

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