Dr Temi Ogunye

Dr Temi Ogunye

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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Key Expertise
Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Social Ontology

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My research interests are in social and political philosophy, with a particular focus on social justice (domestic and global), authority and obligation, and activism and resistance. In my doctoral dissertation, I investigate how domestic social injustice should be remedied and in previous work I have explored resistance to global injustice.

Before starting the PhD, I worked for a few years in politics, policy, think tanks, and NGOs. Prior to that, I completed an MA in Legal and Political Theory at University College London and a BA in Philosophy and Politics at the University of Manchester.

Research interests: Social justice (domestic and global) | Authority and obligation | Activism and resistance | Social norms and law | Stereotypes and implicit bias

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By any means necessary? On the ethics of social justice activism

Political philosophers have produced a wide range of highly developed theories of the just society. Nevertheless, despite this variety, many would agree that all contemporary societies are unjust by any yardstick, and that the presence of injustice generates duties to remedy these states of affairs. Comparatively little attention has been paid to the question of how duties to remedy social injustice should be discharged, however. Let’s call any attempt to remedy social injustice social justice activism. In my doctoral dissertation, I develop an account of the ethics of social justice activism.

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  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • Introduction to Political Theory
  • Athens to Al-Qaeda: Political Theory and International Relations